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BD Accuspray™, BD Hycheck™, BD HyFlow™, BD Hypak Physiolis™, BD Hypak™, BD Innova™, BD Libertas, BD Neopak™, BD Soluvia™, BD Sterifill Advance™, BD UltraSafe Passive™, BD UltraSafe Plus™, BD UltraSafe™, BD UltraTouch™, BD Uniject™, BD Vystra™

Drug delivery systems

Needle technologies, Prefillable syringe systems, Safety and shielding systems

United States

BD Alaris™


Infusion system devices, Infusion system interoperability, Infusion system software

United States

BD anesthesia delivery brands

Anesthesia delivery

Anesthesia medication management, Anesthesia needles and syringes

United States

BD BACTEC™, BD BBL™, BD Difco™, BD Phoenix™, BD Synapsys™, BD Veritor™

Microbiology solutions

Blood culture, Culture media, Environmental systems, Identification and susceptibility testing, Industrial microbiology, Lab equipment and supplies, Mycobacteria testing, Point of care testing, Serology testing, Stains and reagents, Swab-based specimen collection

United States

BD bioscience brands


United States

BD Eclipse™, BD Integra™, BD PosiFlush™, BD SafetyGlide™

Conventional syringes and needles, Filter and fill needles, Pre-filled flush syringes, Safety syringes and needles

United States

BD genomics brands


United States

BD Kiestra™

Lab automation

United States

BD MAX™, BD Viper™

Molecular diagnostics

Molecular systems, Molecular tests

United States

BD Microtainer®, BD Vacutainer®

Specimen collection

BD Vacutainer® collection accessories, Blood collection, Urine collection

United States

BD Nexiva™, SmartSite™, OEM products


Infusion system therapies, IV administration sets

United States

BD PhaSeal™, Texium™

Hazardous drug safety

PhaSeal™ system

United States

BD Pyxis™

Medication and supply management

Integrated analytics solutions, Inventory management platform, Medication and supply management software, Medication and supply management technologies

United States

BD Recykleen™

Sharps disposal solutions

Sharps and waste collectors, Sharps collection accessories

United States

BD SurePath™

Cervical cancer screening

Cervical sample collection, Cytology instruments, Non-GYN cytology

United States

BD Ultra-Fine™, BD diabetes care brands

Diabetes care

Insulin syringes, Pen needles, Sharps containment, Support products for injection

United States

ChloraPrep™, ClipVac™, Prevail-FX®, Prevail®

Infection prevention

Pre-procedure hair removal, Skin preparation, StartClean cleanser, Surgical hand scrubs, Trays brushes and bulk solutions, Vascular dressings

United States


Interventional specialties

Breast biopsy, Jamshidi™ bone marrow biopsy needles, Soft tissue biopsy

United States


Software solutions, Surveillance technologies

Surveillance technologies

United States


Interventional specialties


United States

Snowden-Pencer™, V. Mueller™

Surgical instruments

Open instrumentation

United States