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Bardex™ IC Complete Care™ 350 Foley trays with urine meter 

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The Bardex™ I.C. urine meter Foley tray features a Bardex™ I.C. anti-infective latex Foley catheter with Bacti-Guard™* silver alloy coating and BD hydrogel pre-connected to a Complete Care™ urine meter and includes the Uro-Prep™ Tray. This tray features a tamper-evident seal at the catheter/drainage tube junction, the BD EZ-Lok™ Sampling Port, and an antimicrobial Control-Fit™ Outlet Device.

The Bardex™ I.C. urine meter Foley tray comes in a number of configurations. This includes the BD Advance Foley tray system which is designed to follow the CDC Guidelines for prevention of catheter-associated urinary tract infections.

The Bardex™ I.C. Urine Meter Foley Tray is also available with the Safety-Flow™ outlet device which helps eliminate urine splash when emptying the drainage bag. (9330xx)

The Bardex™ I.C. Complete Care™ System is also available with the BD Safety-Flow™ outlet device.


Specifications subject to change without notice.

*The Foley catheters included in the BARDEX® I.C. System contain Bacti-Guard® silver alloy coating licensed from Bactiguard AB. Bacti-Guard is a registered trademark of Bactiguard AB.

For the latest information, always check the “Instructions for Use” that comes packaged with the product. If you are a consumer seeking more information, please consult your healthcare provider.

Not all products and services may be available in your area. Please contact a BD representative for more information.