Hernia Repair mesh

A broad portfolio of surgical hernia repair options to meet your preferences and patients’ needs.

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Hernia Repair Portfolio
BD hernia repair portfolio

BD offers bioresorbable and synthetic surgical mesh products that help surgeons to choose the right mesh for the right procedure for the right patient.

Bioresorbable Mesh
Bioresorbable mesh

Composed of poly-4-hydroxybutyrate (P4HB) and backed by 5-year data,1 bioresorbable Phasix™ Mesh provides a reliable alternative to permanent mesh—expanding your hernia repair options to meet individual patient needs.

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Synthetic Mesh
Synthetic mesh

BD provides a wide range of synthetic meshes designed for inguinal or ventral hernia repair.

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XenMatrix™ Surgical Graft

Regenerative Collagen Matrix

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Fixation Systems
Fixation systems

The BD preloaded fixation systems are uniquely designed for mesh fixation during open or minimally invasive procedures.

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