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Targeted molecular stool testing that decreases turnaround time, increases accuracy and aids in patient management

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BD offers targeted syndromic panels to address clinical need and optimise results

Because it can be difficult to differentiate the cause of gastrointestinal illness, targeted testing allows clinicians to accurately decide which tests are needed according to the patient’s clinical presentation and history.

The innovation of the BD MAX™ System offers you a fully integrated, automated real-time PCR platform with an array of targeted syndromic panels that provide improved rapid detection of bacterial, viral and parasitic pathogens responsible for ≥90% of infectious diarrhoea.1

Transitioning from culture to molecular testing, namely nucleic acid-based amplification tests (NAATs), has been shown to significantly improve the sensitivity, specificity, time to results of your laboratory’s gastroenteritis testing.2

When early detection or identification of pathogens can help lead to faster treatment decisions, reduce hospital length of stay, prevent unnecessary antibiotic use and most importantly, save lives, you need to implement the most rapid, reliable testing solution.3



Infectious diarrhoea affects billions of people globally each year

~ 1.7 billion cases of children with infectious gastroenteritis each year4

Infectious diarrhoea is the 2nd leading cause of the death in children under 5 years of age4
Norovirus resulted in a total of $4.2 billion in direct health system costs5

The limitations of traditional methods (including culture, microscopy and immunoassay) include:

Delayed results6
Difficulty growing certain organisms on culture media7
False results due to subjective interpretation of microscopy8
Poor sensitivity and specificity with immunoassays9

Determining a specific clinical diagnosis can benefit a patient with infectious diarrhoea by:

Directing appropriate therapy
Allowing the judicious use of antimicrobial agents
Improving patient satisfaction

Meet the BD MAX™ Enteric Suite assays

BD’s focused syndromic approach provides the flexibility to optimise testing algorithms by selecting the most appropriate enteric panel(s) based on patient exposure, risk factors and clinical presentations.10

BD MAX™ Enteric Bacterial Panel

Salmonella spp.
Campylobacter spp. (C. jejuni and C. coli)
Shigella spp and  EIEC
Shiga toxin (stx1/stx2) genes (found in STEC)

BD MAX™ Extended Enteric Bacterial Panel

Plesiomonas shigelloides
Vibrio spp. (V. vulnuficus, V. parahaemo lyticus, V. cholerae)
Enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC)
Yersinia entercolitica

BD MAX™ Enteric Parasite Panel

Giardia lamblia
Cryptosporidium spp (C. hominis and C. parvum)
Entamoeba histolytica

BD MAX™ Enteric Viral Panel

Norovirus GI & GII
Rotavirus A
Adenovirus F40/41
Sapovirus (genogroups I, II, IV, V)
Human Astrovirus (hAstro

BD MAX™ Enteric Viral Panel-NR

Norovirus GI & GII
Rotavirus A


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EIEC, Enteroinvasive Escherichia coli; ETEC, Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli; STEC, Shiga toxin–producing Escherichia coli.

Shigella dysenteriae can possess a Shiga toxin gene identical to the Shiga toxin 1 found in STEC.

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