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Changing patient profiles and treatment technology advancements are accelerating a move away from hospital to homecare treatment plans expected to double1 prevalence of chronic diseases, while the number of hospital beds are decreasing2.

Homecare treatments at home can save up to 30%3 of the $1.4b4 acute healthcare costs in Europe.

...30% of patients with chronic diseases would rather receive treatments at home5

Homecare treatments reduce the risk of contracting nosocomial infections6

...could lead to 46% of hospital care being moved to the home to relieve pressure on HCPs7

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Beyond Hospital solutions and services help you ensure that your staff and patient needs are always met

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Alison Young
Consultant nurse in nutrition,
Royal Liverpool Hospital

"The idea of home care is for patients to live their lives.

Whatever the equipment, whatever the treatment, it must fit in with our patients' lifestyles.

BD innovation very much supports both nurses and patients."

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Our homecare solutions were developed to cover all needs across the following key therapies:

Malnutrition is a major clinical condition that can arise from various causes including gastrointestinal dysfunctions, surgery or cancer. Patients with wide ranging medical conditions rely on the use of total parenteral nutrition (TPN). However, TPN infusion pumps can sometimes compromise the patient’s quality of life by giving them less independence or mobility.

BD’s comprehensive TPN solution can provide a minimal impact to your patient’s lifestyle while helping improve safety and flexible expectations

BD Bodyguard™  Ambulatory Infusion System Quick User Guide

BD infusion solutions for TPN Quick User Guide

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Discharging patients from the hospital to finish long antibiotic treatments at home is a practice that not only saves costs for the institution, but also allows the patient to regain a sense of freedom. IV antibiotics gain faster access to the blood by bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. They are often clinically perceived as being the most effective way to quickly administer treatments for infections in the lungs, bones and brain or to treat patients with chronic conditions such as cystic fibrosis.

The BD IV antibiotic solution can help your patient stay safe while maintaining some mobility.

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Immunoglobulin therapy is a life saving treatment given to patients with impaired immune systems.3 Immunoglobulin is a blood product used to treat both primary immunodeficiencies (such as genetic or hereditary immune deficiency disorders) or secondary immunodeficiencies (due to chemotherapy damage, HIV or malnutrition).

BD offers a broad solution to help satisfy your IV immunoglobulin therapy needs. Our offering enables your patients to receive accurate and reliable treatment, while maintaining a sense of normalcy and freedom.

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Palliative care refers to the specialised medical treatment and care that is provided to people living with a serious illness.4 Typically, this type of care is focused on relieving the patient’s symptoms as well as the stress that they may be experiencing. Any child or adult who has a serious or life-threatening illness such as cancer, neurological, heart failure or other disorders may receive this type of care. Usually, patients can receive treatment at home surrounded by their loved ones to gain an improved quality of life.

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At BD we see the patient beyond the process. Our homecare solution is designed to limit the impact on the patient’s quality of life by helping to instil a sense of confidence, freedom & independence through our:

  • Wide range of accessories
  • Lightweight and compact ambulatory pumps

BD’s portfolio of homecare devices and support services helps establish patient safety throughout the continuum of care by being

  • Accurate
  • Compact
  • Versatile
  • Flexible to ensure the best patient outcomes

BD is your one-stop provider to deliver efficient infusion treatments across multiple therapies while supporting the full breadth of your business needs, by being present throughout every stage of treatment delivery by offering:

  • Clinical training
  • Face to face education and troubleshooting
  • E-learning modules for clinicians and technicians
  • Field-base technical service for all repairs & services

BD’s easy-to use solution helps nurses develop better patient outcomes safely and effectively through:

  • Fewer steps to operation
  • Clear colour screen and messages
  • Guided set-up

The flexibility and convenience offered will help improve workflow and ensures that the focus is always on the patient.

BD symposium replay from ESPEN now available!

The Impact of Manufacturing and Delivering a Dedicated HPN Service

Insights from the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital

Shakeel Herwitker, the Head of Manufacturing, shared valuable insights on the hospital’s success in providing bespoke home nutrition services to their patients.


Watch the replay

Listen as patients and healthcare professionals share their experiences

The Impact of Manufacturing and Delivering a Dedicated HPN Service

Insights from the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital 

Shakeel Herwitker, the Head of Manufacturing, shared valuable insights on the hospital’s success in providing bespoke home nutrition services to their patients.

“If you can’t change your situation, the only thing you can change is how you choose to deal with it.” Marek Lichota
Learn how portable pumps have improved one patient’s life.

The role of mobile pumps in home parenteral nutrition. Listen as Dr. Jacek Sobocki explains how quality of life is significantly improved with portable pumps.


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