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BD Alaris™ PK Plus Syringe Pump

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The BD Alaris™ PK Plus syringe pump user interface has been developed in cooperation with leading European anaesthesiologists. Set up is the same every time and very intuitive to use. Unnecessary features can be disabled. Only relevant information is shown. All set up parameters are displayed on one screen.

Providing flexibility with TCI, TIVA and Continuous infusion modes. Pharmacokinetic (PK) models that suit you and your patient; including the original Marsh model and 2 models for children. TCI mode has the choice of models with Plasma and Effect Site targeting capability.


BD Alaris™ PK Editor Software

Configure the pump the way you want using an innovative PC tool:

  • Create profiles with your own name, type of operations and type of patient.
  • Select from several TCI models for different drugs.
  • Enable TCI predictions on plasma and effect concentrations in TIVA mode.
  • Create up to 1000 drug protocols in normal TIVA mode and set safety limits for almost any parameter.

The BD Difference

  • TCI & TIVA Modes - Choose a TCI model or one of up to 1000 normal drug protocols with safety limits, helping to ensure safe administration of IV therapy.
  • Variable Induction Times - Adjust the induction time if required.
  • TCI models for children - From 1 year and 5kg.
  • Large display - Easy to read critical data at a glance while infusing, during patient set up all parameters are on one screen.
  • Normal TIVA mode with TCI predictions - Easy to switch from TCI to TIVA mode and back.
Features and Benefits

Prevent Medication Errors

The BD Alaris™ PK Editor Software offers medication safety with drug protocols with safety limits. Offering the ability to create profiles with anaesthesiologist name, type of operations and type of patient.

Simplified user interface

Large clear display and ability to start infusions with few key presses.



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