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BD BodyGuard™ Pain Manager

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Designed around patients, the BD BodyGuard™ Pain Manager is an ambulatory infusion pump that offers a number of pain management modes to help improve quality of life and patient comfort.

The BD BodyGuard™ Pain Manager infusion pump has 3 configurable modes: PCA, epidural and regional. It can be set to patients’ needs or clinical specialty via different infusion modes: continuous only, bolus only, continuous plus bolus, and auto bolus.

The BD BodyGuard™ Pain Manager infusion pump can be used for infusion through intravenous, subcutaneous, epidural, regional and wound infiltration routes.


The BD Difference

Infusion modes

PCA, Epidural, Regional

Multiple Delivery Methods

Basal only, Basal & Bolus, Bolus only

Multiple Bolus Types

Patient bolus, Auto bolus, Patient bolus combined with auto bolus

Small, lightweight and compact ambulatory infusion pump for improved patient mobility and comfort

An interactive user interface with a high-resolution colour screen helps to facilitate easy programming for patients and healthcare professionals

Safety and security with the MediGuard™ weight-based dosing software that automatically set a toxicity ceiling based on your patient’s weight, to help prevent excess drug delivery

Three levels of security access codes to help prevent accidental or unauthorised program changes

False occlusion and post-occlusions bolus systems for improved patient safety and comfort


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