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BD PosiFlush™ XS Prefilled Syringe

XS sterile fluid and externally sterile

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BD PosiFlush™ XS Syringes_10ml_5ml_3ml

BD PosiFlush™ XS Prefilled Saline Syringe is terminally sterilised in its peel pouch, enabling it to be aseptically presented to a sterile field. Typically used in oncology, interventional radiology and critical care, the syringe supports applications such as PICC or CVC insertions. It is intended to be used for the flushing of indwelling vascular access devices.

Features and Benefits

Designed to improve patient outcomes1


BD Luer-Lok™ Tip Cap: Tighter seal for closure integrity helping prevent touch contamination

Standard 10 mL syringe diameter helps reduce the risk of cannula damages

Generates significantly lower pressure (PSI) compared to standard 3 mL syringes

Clear labelling helps reduce the risk of medication errors

Easily identifiable syringe contents; Bold print for clarity

Enhances clinical practice

    • Ready-to-administer medical device that does not require any further manipulation by the clinician
    • Eliminates the need for needles, glass vials and ampoules
    • Reduces flushing time in comparison to manually prepared flush syringes2, creating time savings and efficiency

    Compact syringe profile reduces waste and costs

    Selecting smaller size syringes (3 mL or 5 mL) for peripheral lines:

    • Reduces storage and disposal costs
    • Helps minimise environmental waste
    • 3-year shelf life

    Manufacturing quality for patient safety

    Using a fully automated production process from start to finish limits interruptions in production due to lapses in the supply chain, and allows us to have control over all steps involved in making pre-filled syringes, such as:

    • Quality of raw material
    • Optimised syringe design for flushing
    • Shelf-life
    • Sterile saline solution

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    1. Bertoglio et al. Pre-filled normal saline syringes to reduce totally implantable venous access device-associated bloodstream infection: a single institution pilot study. The Journal of Hospital Infection. 2013;84(1):85-88.
    2. Keogh S. et al. A Time and Motion Study of Peripheral Venous Catheter Flushing Practice Using Manually Prepared and Prefilled Flush Syringes. Journal of Infusion Nursing. March/April 2014; Vol 37, Nr 2.