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PleurX™ Pleural Catheter System

Equip your patients to manage recurrent pleural effusions, at home

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The PleurX™ Pleural Catheter System is indicated for intermittent, long term drainage of symptomatic, recurrent, pleural effusion, including malignant pleural effusions and other recurrent effusions that do not respond to medical management of the underlying disease.

The device is indicated for the palliation of dyspnea due to pleural effusion and providing pleurodesis (resolution of the pleural effusion).


Features and Benefits
Active vacuum technology
The active vacuum technology lets patients drain quickly and comfortably without the need for gravity.
Proprietary safety valve
The catheter valve keeps air or fluid from inadvertently passing through the catheter.
Polyester cuff
The polyester cuff on the catheter promotes tissue ingrowth, helping reduce risk of infection and hold the catheter in place.
New indication

The PleurX™ catheter can be used in place of a chest tube to deliver talc or bleomycin for chemical pleurodesis procedures.

PleurX™ Pleural Catheter System


    Patient focus

    • Allows patients to manage fluid in the comfort of their home, reducing the need for repeat thoracentesis procedures
    • Drainage supplies are available through one of the nation’s largest Medicare-certified, HIPAA-compliant suppliers of direct-to-patient disposable medical product
    • The App, for use with the PleurX™ Pleural Catheter System, helps patients record and track drainage


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