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PowerGlide Pro™ Midline Catheter

As a fully integrated placement device, the PowerGlide Pro™ Midline Catheter is designed to be a simplified solution for peripheral IV therapy.

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  • Allows catheter dwell time for up to 29 days1, reducing the need for multiple peripheral IVs
  • Supplies a guidewire designed to assist with insertion success
  • Offers a longer, body-softening polyurethane catheter to help minimize vessel wall trauma
Empowering Nurses to Put Patients First

Designed to help increase both patient and clinician satisfaction

Features and Benefits

Empowering Nurses to Put Patients First

Designed to help increase both patient and clinician satisfaction

Reinforced Tip Catheter
Reinforced Tip Catheter

Designed to improve and maintain a consistent aspiration flow rate without catheter collapse.2

Body-softening polyurethane catheter
The body of the polyurethane catheter softens at body temperature, helping to minimize vessel wall trauma.
Integrated Guidewire

The integrated nitinol guidewire is designed to aid with difficult sticks and allows for steep angles of insertion.

Easy identification
Easy identification

Each hub is marked with the PowerGlide™ name and the catheter length, helping to eliminate confusion.


Power injectable

The catheter allows for the injection of contrast media for CT scans at maximum flow rates:

  • 18G: 7 mL/sec
  • 20G: 5 mL/sec
  • 22G: 2 mL/sec
Blood control mechanism
Blood control mechanism
Catheter wings contain a blood control mechanism that impedes blood flow until the clinician is ready to attach an accessory device.
Visual confirmation
Visual confirmation
A notched needle allows visual confirmation of flashback before it reaches the flash chamber.

Tray Components


Item Description


Basic TrayFull Tray

PowerGlide Pro™ Midline Catheter


StatLock™ Stabilization Device


Skin Prep Pad


Transparent Dressing



Absorbent Towel



Measuring Tape















Absorbent Drape



Fenestrated Drape



Extension Set




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Please consult product labels, IFU, and package inserts for any indications, contraindications, hazards, warnings, cautions, and instructions for use. 

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  2. BD Data on File: PowerGlide (IDC) 18 and 22G Verification testing report, Jan 2015, R80503, Rev 5: Compared to the similar non-reinforced tip catheters. Bench test results may not be predictive of actual clinical performance.