Prepared culture media

Since 1935, BD BBL™ prepared media have brought high quality and high performance to the microbiology laboratory. Along with BD Difco™ Laboratories products, BD prepared media are today backed by a combined 180 years of experience in product development, manufacturing and troubleshooting.

Why BD prepared media?

BD has enhanced a wide range of proprietary formulations to help our customers more effectively isolate and differentiate pathogenic from nonpathogenic microorganisms.


BD BBL™ Isolator Pack plated media

BD BBL Isolator Pack plated media come in gamma-irradiated packs for isolator systems.


BD BBL™ prepared plated media

BD BBL prepared plated media are for the isolation of microorganisms from samples or specimens.


BD BBL™ prepared tubed media

BD BBL prepared tubed media are ideal for cultures requiring prolonged incubation.


BD BBL™ Sterile Pack plated media for critical environments

BD BBL Sterile Pack plated media for critical environments are validated to performance and sterility.


BD Mycoflask™ prepared media

BD Mycoflask prepared media are sterile, disposable and ready-to-use BD BBL™ culture media prepared in the special BD Mycoflask.


BD prepared bottled media

BD prepared bottled media are intended for the detection of microorganisms from pharmaceutical, food, environmental or water testing samples.


BD prepared slide media

BD Difco™ Hycheck™ contact slides are hygiene contact slides used to assess the microbiological contamination of surfaces or fluids.


BD sterile pack bottles

BD sterile pack bottles are terminally sterilized inside autoclavable double bags, resulting in an environmental contaminant-free bottle exterior.