Specimen collection

Start with quality specimen collection to achieve better results

For more than 60 years, BD Life Sciences – Preanalytical Systems has advanced the science of specimen collection to help laboratory tests become the foundation for 70% of all medical decisions.1

Today, the gold standard in sample collection is the BD Vacutainer® product family, which hospitals rely on to enhance their sample quality and protect their nurses, phlebotomists and other caregivers from costly accidental needlestick injuries. These products, backed by unrivaled customer support and training, help hospitals every day enhance lab productivity and workflow by reducing retests, recollects and instrument downtime.


Blood specimen collection

The BD Vacutainer® blood specimen collection portfolio includes products for both capillary and venous blood draw.


Swab-based specimen collection

BD swab-based collection and transport systems are used for the collection and transport of specimens to the microbiology laboratory for organism recovery.


Urine specimen collection

BD Vacutainer® urine collection products offer a closed system that benefits healthcare workers by reducing their need to come into contact with potentially hazardous specimens.


BD Vacutainer® collection accessories

BD Vacutainer collection accessories support blood and urine specimen collection.


Educational services and materials

We provide educational services and materials on BD Vacutainer® specimen collection products.


Browse all specimen collection products

You can view all of our specimen collection products, and search by different selections and criteria.

Please note, not all products, services or features of products and services may be available in your local area. Please check with your local BD representative.


  1. The Lewin Group. The value of diagnostics: innovation. https://dx.advamed.org/sites/dx.advamed.org/files/resource/Lewin Value of Diagnostics Report.pdf. Published July 2005.


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