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Providing women an alternative to prolonged Foley catheter use.

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Healthcare providers managing urological drainage are challenged with reducing risks associated with CAUTI, improving Foley catheter lifecycle management, and driving use of Foley alternatives. However, sustaining progress is difficult. BD (C.R. Bard has joined BD) helps clinicians tackle these challenges.

Features and Benefits
Product offering

Using human factors innovations, the SureStep™ product family is designed to standardize practice and reduce variation in Foley insertion and maintenance techniques. BD also offers infection and containment focused products like the BARDEX™ IC Foley catheter, proven to reduce incidence of CAUTI, and the DIGNISHIELD™ Stool Management System with best in-class C. difficile containment.

Educational support

Ensuring proper training on the countless devices in a hospital is a daunting task. BD’s SureStep™ product family helps standardize process and reduce variation using human factors innovations. BD partners with hospitals to deliver the right tools for effective product training.

Hospital to home

Liberator Medical is a national homecare provider of urology, ostomy, mastectomy, incontinence and diabetes supplies.  Get direct access to PureWick™ products at home, available exclusively through Liberator Medical.

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The Zero-In™ Comprehensive Clinical Solutions Program magnifies variation in Foley catheter management practices. Determining the most common errors and procedural variation helps Bard® Comprehensive Clinical Solutions provide targeted training to hospital personnel on using Bard® products.

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