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Arctic Sun™ Stat Temperature Management System

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Temperature is at the very core of the body’s ability to function.

Fast, precise action with targeted temperature management (TTM) can be an important intervention for some critically ill patients.

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Features & Benefits 

The Arctic Sun™ Stat TTM system along with the ArcticGel™ Pads helps to monitor and control patient temperature non-invasively in adult and pediatric patients of all ages. 

The Arctic Sun™ Stat TTM system incorporates:

Non-Invasive System

A portable non-invasive system with a touch screen display

Automated temperature feedback and adjustments

Patient temperature is monitored, and automatic adjustments are made to achieve a pre-set temperature determined by the clinician

Continual monitoring

Continual monitoring of the patient with alerts and alarms to notify clinician of conditions that may interfere with patient safety or system performance

Work to cool

When is the right time to assess your patient for heat generation? Work to cool continuously monitors fluctuations in water temperature to indicate when your patient may be generating heat.

Monitor mode

For patients being treated with Normothermia, clinicians can set upper and lower temperature limits. The Arctic Sun™ Stat Temperature Management System will continuously monitor the patient’s temperature and alert the clinician when the temperature exceeds the bounds (manual mode) or automatically start therapy (automatic mode).

WiFi connectivity

Transmit data to your EMR. (EMR interoperability purchased separately) Customizable outputs including: Patient Temperature, Water Temperature, Therapy Mode, Work to cool, Device identifier, Water flow rate

Updated ergonomics

Human factors analysis of the previous generation of the Arctic Sun™ System led to the updated ergonomic design of the Arctic Sun™ Stat Temperature Management System.

Cord management


Handle height and design


Screen viewing angle


Please consult package insert for more detailed safety information and instructions for use. Specifications subject to change without notice.