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BD Provena™ Midline Catheter

Go Small. THINK BIG.

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By combining advances in polyurethane material technology and manufacturing processes, BD offers a family of smaller-diameter* Modified Seldinger Technique (MST) midlines that maintain high performance for infusion therapy.

Features and Benefits
It's time for a change!

Historically, the use of smaller-diameter midlines has meant reductions in flow rates and power-injection capabilities forcing clinicians to choose between a smaller catheter to vein ratio or infusion performance.

At BD, we believe that smaller-diameter* midlines can make a difference. Provena™ Midline Catheters occupy a smaller percentage of the vessel compared to Bard® PowerMidline™ Catheters of the same lumen configuration and yet maintain high performance for infusion therapy providing clinicians with a variety of options to meet their preferred catheter-to-vein ratio.

Smaller catheter*

  • Smaller-diameter MST midline that maintains high performance for infusion therapy
  • Created through a combination of engineering expertise and polyurethane material technology
  • Proprietary polyurethane material allows for thin catheter walls and large lumen sizes

Reverse taper

  • Provides kink resistance for multiple dressing orientation
  • Allows for gentle plugging of the insertion site

Power injectable

The catheter allows for injection of contrast media for CT scans at maximum flow rates:

  • 3 Fr single lumen: 6 mL/sec
  • 4 Fr dual lumen: 6 mL/sec


High-quality kit components


    • Available in Basic, Kits and Max Barrier nursing configurations with MST components

    Distally trimmable

    • A distally trimmable catheter allows for customization to each patient’s anatomy


    • Compatible with StatLock® Stabilization Devices

    Clear identification

    • Unique hub design and catheter labeling further identify the catheter as a midline.This helps eliminate catheter confusion and promotes patient safety

    • Available in Basic, and Max Barrier nursing configurations with MST components

    Softening polyurethane

    • A polyurethane catheter that softens at body temperature

    Kink resistance

    • The reverse taper is designed to gently plug the insertion site and provides kink resistance

    No placement x-ray

    • No x-ray is required following the placement procedure
    Let's make a quick comparison...

    5 Fr Dual Lumen PowerMidline™ Catheter vs 4 Fr Dual Lumen Provena™ Midline Catheter


    *Comparison in relation to BD PowerMidline™ Catheters



    Products & Accessories

    *Comparison in relation to BD PowerMidline™ Catheters




    *Comparison in relation to BD PowerMidline™ Catheters



    Provena™ Midline Kit Components 



    Item DescriptionBasicFullFull+Max BarrierMax Barrier+
    Provena™ Midline
    Introducer needle with PIV, 20 Ga.
    MicroEZ® Microintroducer
    Flexura® guidewire
    Safety Scalpel
    Hypodermic needle, 25 Ga. 
    Filter straw 
    Taper strips 
    Transparent dressing 
    Fenestrated drape   
    Fenestrated drape, full body   
    Bouffant cap   
    Towel, absorbent   
    Drape, absorbent 
    Textured tourniquet 
    Face mask 
    Surgical tape 
    Measuring tape 
    End cap
    Additional saline    
    Syringe, 6mL 
    Alcohol wipes 
    Gauze pad, 4 in. x 4 in. 
    Gauze pad, 2 in. x 2 in. 
    StatLock® Stabilization Device
    Catheter trimming device 
    Hand sanitizer   
    Probe cover w/ gel   
    Pinpoint™ Needle Guides in select kits   

    Depending on the kit ordered, these components will differ.


    *Comparison in relation to BD PowerMidline™ Catheters