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Site-Rite™ 8 Ultrasound System

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Simplifying Vascular Access

The Site-Rite™ 8 Ultrasound System with integrated SHERLOCK 3CG™ Diamond Tip Confirmation System (TCS) is designed to be simple and intuitive. Our ultrasound and imaging technologies help you visualize vessels, needle trajectory, and final tip location.

Features and Benefits
Making the Invisible Visible
Making the Invisible Visible

The Site~Rite™ 8 Ultrasound System with integrated SHERLOCK 3CG™ Diamond TCS is designed to simplify vascular access by allowing you to visualize PICC placements from beginning to end.

Traditional ultrasound imaging systems allow you to:
Traditional ultrasound imaging systems allow you to:

Visualize the vessel and surrounding anatomy

Visualize and measure catheter size relative to the vessel
Visualize and measure catheter size relative to the vessel
Visualize virtual catheter location during PICC placement
Visualize virtual catheter location during PICC placement

Visualize maximum P-wave to confirm final catheter tip location

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Using X-ray to confirm PICC tip placement wastes clinical care time, exposes patients to harmful radiation, and delays medical therapy. The SHERLOCK 3CG™ Diamond Tip Confirmation System (TCS) gets to the heart of the matter by using an adult patient’s cardiac electrical activity to position the tip of the PICC in close proximity to the cavoatrial junction

Visual catheter tip tracking

Real-time catheter tip tracking technology is used to display both catheter direction and orientation. This helps to increase placement efficiency and reduce catheter malpositions as compared to “blind” catheter placements.

Visual catheter tip confirmation

The SHERLOCK 3CG™ Diamond Tip Confirmation System (TCS) is an advanced technology that deciphers P-wave morphology and determines PICC tip position relative to the CAJ.

Simultaneous views of both catheter tip tracking and the patient’s electrocardiogram (ECG) are displayed, allowing you to navigate the catheter tip into the SVC and confirm catheter placement in proximity to the CAJ using ECG technology.

Designed to minimize the challenges of the PICC placement process by helping:

  • Locate and navigate the catheter tip in real-time
  • Confirm catheter tip placement at the CAJ in adult patients with identifiable P-waves
  • Eliminate confirmatory chest X-rays to reduce radiation exposure
  • Release the line to provide life sustaining therapy at the bedside
  • Reduce time wasted waiting for PICC tip confirmation using alternative post-placement methods
Products & Accessories

Medical Equipment Roll Stand (MER)

Designed to simplify medical equipment transportation.

The mounting plate & equipment mount supports medical equipment up to 15 lbs, including qualified Site~Rite™ Ultrasound Systems.

Please see your Ultrasound System Instructions for Use for the appropriate rollstand qualified for use with your device.

Articulating equipment mount supports medical equipment up to 8 lbs, including SHERLOCK 3CG™ TCS.

Product codes:
9770116 - Medical Equipment Roll Stand (MER)
9770109 - Laptop mounting tray (for laptop medical equipment)
9770133 - SHERLOCK 3CG™ TCS for the MER
MW260MFIC129 - Brother™ printer for the SHERLOCK 3CG™ TCS system


Needle Guide Kits

BD offers an exclusive line of needle guides designed for Site-Rite™ Ultrasound Systems to help clinicians guide needles to vascular structures at specific depths.


To learn more about how the Site~Rite™ 8 Ultrasound System with Pinpoint™ GT Needle Technology and integrated Sherlock 3CG™ Diamond TCS can be an asset in your facility, click the “Contact Us” button near the top of the page to request more information from a clinical representative in your area.