St. Elizabeth Medical Center

BD MedMined™ Case Study

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Initiative to reduce the total NIM rate

at St. Elizabeth Medical Center

Infection Preventionists (IPs) Linda Kokoszki, Sandy Mercer and Teresa Inka began an initiative to reduce the total Nosocomial Infection Marker (NIM) rate at St. Elizabeth Medical Center with the help of BD MedMined™ services.

About St. Elizabeth Medical Center

St. Elizabeth Medical Center, based in Utica, NY, is committed to excellence in healthcare and education. It offers a wide range of inpatient medical / surgical services for adults and children, as well as adult inpatient psychiatric services.



"They have streamlined our daily workflow and allowed us to do better surveillance in less time. I cannot imagine life in our department without MedMined services."

Linda Kokoszki RN, BSN, CIC; Director of Infection Prevention and Bioterrorism Coordinator

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