BD Horizon™

The BD Horizon™ and BD Horizon Brilliant™ brands include high-quality fluorescent-conjugated reagents to help build your multicolor panels.


About BD Horizon™

As the leader in flow cytometry for more than 40 years, BD makes the complex world of multicolor analysis surprisingly simple by offering a multitude of tools and antibodies to enhance your success. Whether you want to minimize compensation or add new markers to complex experiments, BD Horizon Brilliant™ dyes and BD OptiBuild™ custom reagents offer more fluorochrome options with the antibodies you need. Our BD Horizon™ guided panel solution (GPS) provides a guided workflow for reagent selection that simplifies the difficult and time-consuming task of panel design and avoids reagent selections that might affect population resolution. We offer trial sizes for evaluation, educational seminars with the BD Horizon™ Tour and technical application support to guide you.

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Class 1 Laser Product.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.