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BD® Blunt Fill and Blunt Filter Needles  

Get solutions centered around your needs for preparation and filling

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BD® Blunt Fill and Blunt Filter needles are specifically designed to help reduce the risk for needlestick injuries during medication preparation.* They reduce the need for a broad selection of conventional needles, so you can drive efficiencies and cost reduction through SKU standardization.


Features and Benefits
Making the Invisible Visible

BD® Blunt Fill Needles


    • Are designed to help reduce the risk of needlestick injuries during medication preparation due to higher skin penetration force*
    • Have no visible coring during medication draw (based on a study of 100 samples)1
    • Features an 18G thin wall (TW) design with a larger inner diameter compared to an 18G regular wall (RW) design, which may improve flow rates of viscous medications
    • Family includes  - BD® Blunt Fill Needles, the BD® Blunt Fill Needle with BD Luer-Lok™ Tip and the BD® Blunt Fill Needle with Filter
    Traditional ultrasound imaging systems allow you to:

    BD® Blunt Filter Needles


      • Are specifically designed to help reduce the risk of needle stick injuries during medication preparation*
      • Features a filter with a 5 micron membrane that is designed to prevent large particles from being drawn into the syringe when preparing medications from ampoules
      • Align to the 2021 INS Standards of Practice which recommend using a blunt filter needle when preparing medications from glass ampoules.2


      * As compared to a BD 18-G conventional hypodermic needle


      1. Haywood R, Karpf A. Eliminating unnecessary conventional sharps during medication preparation: the BD blunt fill needle [internal study].Franklin Lakes, NJ: Becton, Dickinson and Company; 2002.
      2. Gorski LA, Hadaway L, Hagle ME, et al. Infusion therapy standards of practice, 8th edition. J Infus Nurs. 2021;44(1S suppl 1):S1-S224. https://journals.lww.com/journalofinfusionnursing/Citation/2021/01001/Infusion_Therapy

      BD-66538 (09/22)