EnCor Enspire™ Breast Biopsy System

The first smart breast biopsy system features a sleek, streamlined console, palm-sized handpiece, an intuitive touch screen interface, and versatile performance in multiple modalities.


A smart biopsy system

The EnCor Enspire™ is a sleek, streamlined VABB console system with an intuitive touchscreen and ergonomic handheld Driver combined to create a smart biopsy system.

Smart System Advantages

The EnCor Enspire™ Breast Biopsy System transforms the breast biopsy experience for you, your patient, and your practice.

For You: Increased confidence. In-breast adaptability.

  • Simple, intuitive touch screen interface
  • Real-time, visual confirmation of needle activity
  • Adjustable while in the breast


For Your Patient: Increased comfort. Reduced anxiety.

  • Undiluted anesthetic available through the probe, as needed
  • Sharp TriConcave™ trocar tip penetrates dense tissue easily
  • Pre-programmed sampling option enables time and attention for patient support


For Your Practice: Improved efficiency. Reduced inventory.

  • Adjustable console, monitor and tray adapt to room requirements
  • Top-load canister eliminates kneeling and enables rapid set-up
  • Snap-in tubing cassette eliminates manual threading
  • Advanced probe design eliminates need for specialty supplies and simplifies inventory management

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Simple, intuitive, touch screen interface

The EnCor Enspire™ Breast Biopsy System features a large, intuitive touch screen interface that provides visualization of needle activity and easy access to procedure options.

  • In-breast adaptability: Adapt in real time to challenging lesions while in the breast
    • Density: Normal and dense tissue modes adjust for tissue density
    • Size: Full- and half-sample modes provide flexibility for thin breasts and superficial lesions
  • Visualization of needle activity: Real-time, on-screen feedback of needle orientation and activity
  • Pre-programmed sampling option: Enables time and attention for patient support
Touch Screen
× Touch Screen

Small ergonomic handpiece puts control at your fingertips

Designed for maximum maneuverability, the EnCor Enspire™ Breast Biopsy System's lightweight, ergonomic driver fits easily and comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Physician Control

  • Closed system: Samples collected in chamber are easily accessible
  • Headlights: Built-in headlights reduce need to turn room lights on and off
  • Probe options: 7G, 10G, 12G sizes available
  • Sample quality: Large contiguous samples facilitate diagnosis
  • Marker placement: Compatible breast tissue markers are easily deployed through the back of the probe
× Enspire_Breast_Biopsy_System_Bard_Biopsy

Versatile performance in multiple modalities

The EnCor Enspire™ Breast Biopsy System is designed for versatile performance using MRI, stereotactic and ultrasound imaging modalities.

Designed for Enhanced MRI Accuracy

The VisiLoc™ obturator and locking block contribute to consistent accuracy under MRI guidance.

  • Consistent visualization throughout the full length of the VisiLoc™ MRI visible obturator
  • Easy visualization with standard MRI imaging protocols
  • Stable needle with locking block and cannula
  • Optimal targeting localization with various placement options

Ergonomic Design for Maximum Maneuverability in Ultrasound

  • Palm-sized hand piece
  • Lightweight driver
  • Accessible controls on both hand piece and foot pedal
  • Built-in headlights
  • Sharp, TriConcave™ trocar tip

Designed for Stereotactic Flexibility

  • Mechanical fire forward
  • Compatibility with both prone and upright systems
  • Closed system
PF10118_Versatile Performance in Multi Modalities 1
× PF10118_Versatile Performance in Multi Modalities 1

Real-time visualization of needle activity

Without changing the familiarity of your routine procedure, the EnCor Enspire™ Breast Biopsy System's intelligent design provides real-time, on-screen feedback of needle orientation and activity so you always know where you've been and where you're going. No manual tracking required.

  • Easy access to procedure options
  • Real-time feedback of needle activity
  • Confirmation of procedural steps along with support annotations
PF10118_Real-Time Visualization
× PF10118_Real-Time Visualization

Adapt to challenging lesions while in the breast

With the EnCor Enspire™ Breast Biopsy System you can adapt in real time to challenging lesions while in the breast - avoiding a reinsertion of the probe.

A quick touch switches to half-sample mode, enabling you to handle thin breasts or lesions close to the skin without changing probes or adding sleeves. And you can easily switch to dense tissue mode to sample dense breasts and lesions.

  • Adapt to challenges while in the breast - avoiding reinsertion
  • Minimizes need for specialized inventory and accessories
PF10118_Adapt to Challenge image
× PF10118_Adapt to Challenge image

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