Sherlock 3CG™ Tip Confirmation System


The Sherlock 3CG™ Tip Confirmation System (TCS) is BD's next generation, fully integrated magnetic tracking and ECG-based peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) tip confirmation technology, which represents the next evolution of the Sherlock™ II Tip Location System and the previously-marketed Sapiens Tip Confirmation System.


Simultaneous View of Catheter Tip Tracking and ECG

Catheter tip tracking and ECG confirmation are integrated on the same graphical display.

Static ECG baseline

Provides comparative ECG waveform for interpretation of P-wave changes and to assist in maximum P-wave identification.

Dynamic ECG waveform

Measures changes in P-wave morphology to allow the clinician to position the catheter tip  in proximity to the cavoatrial junction.

Ability to maintain sterile field

Through-drape connection allows clinician to maintain maximal barrier sterile field during placement. Probe and wireless remote allow the clinician to maintain sterility while interfacing with Sherlock 3CG™ TCS.

Tip Confirmation documentation

Allows for PICC tip location to be easily documented in patient's chart or stored on the Sherlock 3CG™ TCS System.

Guideline Compliance

By helping to position the PICC tip in proximity to the cavoatrial junction, the Sherlock 3CG™ TCS System helps clinicians comply with AVA and INS guidelines for proper PICC placement.


Indicated for use as an alternative method to chest X-ray and fluoroscopy for PICC tip placement confirmation in adult patients.

Immediate confirmation of PICC tip position at the bedside and immediate release of the PICC line.

Increases placement efficiency and reduces catheter manipulations as compared to "blind" catheter placements.

Eliminates costs associated with confirmatory chest X-ray and time previously spent waiting for X-ray confirmation readings.

Eliminates confirmatory chest X-ray exposure to the patient and clinician.

Clinical Study

Sherlock 3CG™ Tip Confirmation System (TCS) Clinical Study
Getting to the heart of the matter…
Sherlock 3CG™ Tip Confirmation System (TCS) Clinical Study

Using x-ray to confirm PICC tip placement wastes clinical care time, exposes patients to harmful radiation, and delays medical therapy. The Sherlock 3CG® Tip Confirmation System (TCS) gets to the heart of this problem by using an adult patient's cardiac electrical activity to position the tip of the PICC in close proximity to the cavoatrial junction (CAJ). Final tip location is confirmed by the nurse at the bedside and infusion therapy can begin immediately without the need for a confirmatory chest x-ray.

In a clinical study, 99.1% of 114 PICCs were placed at the CAJ or within +/- 1 cm using BD Tip Confirmation Technology.

†R88081-00 (BD, Salt Lake City, Utah)




PowerPICC SOLO™ 2 Catheters with Sherlock 3CG™ TPS Stylet

Catheter Size
1194108D4 FSingleMax Barrier
11941084 FSingleFull
1295108D5 FDualMax Barrier
12951085 FDualFull
1295108FD5 FDualMax Barrier (PowerPICC™ FT)
1295108F5 FDualFull (PowerPICC™ FT)
1395108QD5 FTripleMax Barrier
1395108Q5 FTripleFull
1396108D6 FTripleMax Barrier
13961086 FTripleFull

PowerPICC™ Catheters with Sherlock 3CG™ TPS Stylet

Catheter Size
1173108D3 FSingleMax Barrier (PowerPICC™ SV)
11731083 FSingleFull (PowerPICC™ SV)
1174108D4 FSingleMax Barrier
11741084 FSingleFull
1274108D4 FDualMax Barrier (PowerPICC™ SV)
12741084 FDualFull (PowerPICC™ SV)
1175108D5 FSingleMax Barrier
11751085 FSingleFull
1275108D5 FDualMax Barrier
12751085 FDualFull
1275108FD5 FDualMax Barrier (PowerPICC™ FT)
1275108F5 FDualFull (PowerPICC™ FT)
1385108QD5 FTripleMax Barrier
1385108Q5 FTripleFull
1386108D6 FTripleMax Barrier
13861086 FTripleFull