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BD Alaris™ MRI Capsule

Simplifying clinical workflow throughout the patient journey.

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The BD Alaris™ MRI Capsule simplifies clinical workflow throughout the patient’s journey while delivering continuity of IV Infusion. It safeguards the infusions within the MRI room and the MRI scanner’s image quality through affordable innovation.

Features and Benefits

Viewing the infusions

The BD Alaris™ MRI Capsule has a large viewing window that allows the Nurse to have clear visibility of all the Pumps. When positioning the BD Alaris™ MRI Capsule the Nurse should position with the BD Alaris™ MRI Capsule window facing the control room window.

Pump Alarm Location Beacon

The Pump Alarm Location Beacon is mounted at the top of the BD Alaris™ MRI Capsule to assist with identifying the presence of any alarms generated by the Pumps. When lit, the Pump Alarm Location Beacon colour matches that of the visual status indicator on the Pumps.

The Pump Alarm Location Beacon alerts the user to a Pump being in an alarm condition whilst it is connected to the BD Alaris™ MRI Capsule, it does not replace the alarm on the Pump which remains the principle indicator that the attention of a the user is required.

Pump Configurations

The BD Alaris™ MRI Capsule can accommodate up to six infusion pumps. Possible configurations are: 3 Volumetric and 3 Syringe Pumps, 4 Volumetric Pumps or 4 Syringe Pumps.

The BD Difference

The value offer of the BD Alaris™ MRI Capsule is:

  • Continuity of IV therapy with up to 6 infusion pumps from ICU or other departments.
  • Flexible pump configurations for optimal clinical care.
  • Monitoring the magnetic field strength and guiding to a close and safe distance while protecting quality of MRI images.
  • Pump alarm location beacon for clear and all around visibility of infusion alarms.
  • Easy access with large viewing window for visibility of critical infusions.
  • Safeguarding with dual braking technology (manual and auto brakes).


Please note, not all products, services or features of products and services may be available in your local area. Please check with your local BD representative.