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BD ClipVac™ hair removal system

Clip hair and clean it up—all in one step

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The BD ClipVac™ hair removal system conveniently attaches to our BD Surgical Clippers to create a comprehensive presurgical hair removal solution, eliminating the need for extra cleanup with messy tape or mitts.


Features and Benefits 

Surgery-grade disposable filter

The ClipVac filter captures an average of 98.5% of hair and airborne contaminants at the source.

Portable vacuum unit

The unit is portable, lightweight and easily manoeuvrable for convenient clipping.


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

The battery provides approximately 75 minutes of continuous power. A fully discharged battery recharges in less than 4.5 hours.

Suction port

The suction port is designed to promote proper clipping techniques, conveniently attaching to your existing Surgical Clippers.

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This video will show how our ClipVac™ pre-surgical hair removal system works with our Surgical Clippers to clip and clean—all in one step.

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The latex-free, single-use disposables (filter, tube and suction port) are sold and packaged separately. The tubing and suction port are completely recyclable.