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BD Eclipse™ Needle with SmartSlip™ Technology

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BD Eclipse™ Needle with SmartSlip™ Technology

The BD Eclipse™ SmartSlip™ is a single use sterile needle with a safety mechanism that covers the needle point after use. In the activated position, the needle cover guards against accidental needlestick during normal handling and disposal of the used needle/syringe.

The SmartSlip™ Technology consists of an adaptor to enable connection of the eclipse safety needle to a luer slip.

Features and Benefits
  • The SmartSlip™ Technology is specially designed for safe assembling of BD Eclipse™ needles to luer slip syringes
  • Bevel oriented to the safety cover to allow low angle injections
  • By assembling BD Eclipse™ needles to a luer slip syringe, an audible click indicates a safely assembled needle
  • Safety can be activated immediately after injection
  • Wide, textured finger pad for thumb or forefinger
  • Single-handed with one finger activation of the safety shield, audible click indicates that the cover has safely engaged the needle
  • Sterile, single use
  • Natural Rubber Latex is not part of the material formulation

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