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BD® Blunt Fill and BD® Blunt Filter needles

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BD® Blunt Fill and Blunt Filter needles are specifically designed to reduce the risk for needlestick injuries during medication preparation. 

Features and Benefits

BD® Blunt Fill needle


Our blunt fill needle is designed for vial access and available with a BD Luer-Lok™ connection.

BD® Blunt Filter needle


Our blunt filter needle is designed for safe ampoule medication preparation.

BD® Blunt Fill and Blunt Filter Needles

  • Fill needle with blunt tip
  • The BD® Blunt Fill needles have female luer fittings, which mate to male luer fittings
  • The BD® Blunt Filter Needle has a 5-microns filter for particles such as glass and plastic fragments, for safer medication delivery

BD® Blunt Fill and Blunt Filter Needles

  • The BD® Blunt Fill and Filter needles are not for skin injections
  • Sterile, single use
  • Natural Rubber Latex is not part of the material formulation

BD Emerald™ and BD Plastipak™ with BD® Blunt Fill Needle

  • BD® three-piece syringes with BD® Blunt Fill Needle pre-attached for safe medication preparation process
  • Sterile, single use

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Please note, not all products, services or features of products and services may be available in your local area. Please check with your local BD representative.

BD® Blunt Fill Needle (SKU: 303129), BD Emerald Syringe with attached BD® Blunt Fill Needle (SKU: 303221, 303139, 303140), BD Plastipak Syringes with attached BD® Blunt Fill Needle (SKU: 309744, 309745, 309746, 309747) are CE marked and are CE certified with AEMPS (0318).

BD® Blunt Fill Needle (SKU: 305181) and BD® Blunt Fill Needle with 5-Micron filter (SKU: 305211) are CE marked and are CE certified with NSAI (0050).