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BD Plastipak™ - 3-Piece Syringe

Complies with international standards (ISO 7886-1)† for volumetric accuracy and leak-tight performance

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BD Plastipak™ - 3-Piece Syringe
BD Plastipak™ - 3-Piece Syringe -1-ml-Luer

BD Plastipak™ syringe is a precision drug delivery device* that is an essential part of your daily patient care toolkit, which you can use across a range of critical applications and departments.

It is intended for general purpose injection and aspiration of fluids from vials, ampoules and parts of the body below the surface of the skin.

3-Piece Design with Latex-Free Stopper

Latex-free stopper prevents leakage of medication around the plunger and acts as an indicator for measuring the syringe contents.

Features and Benefits

Luer Lock Tip

Generally used for injections requiring a secure connection of the syringe to another device.

Concentric Luer Slip Tip

The concentric luer slip tip provides a friction-fit connection that requires you to push and twist the syringe tip into the needle hub.

Eccentric Luer Slip Tip


The eccentric luer slip tip allows for lower angle of injection in closer proximity to the skin.

Catheter Tip

The catheter tip is used for flushing catheters, gastostomy tubes and other devices.

General Properties

  • Clear barrel for visualization of syringe content
  • Bold scale printing to aid in setting for a more accurate dosage of medication
  • Special silicone lubrication ensures that plunger moves smoothly and evenly
  • Retaining ring to prevent accidental plunger rod withdrawal

General Properties

  • Leak-tight
  • Validated for use on most infusion pumps** including BD Alaris™ Infusion Pumps
  • Natural rubber latex is not part of the material formulation
  • Sterile (also available as non-sterile), single-use

BD Plastipak, 50 mL dosage

  • Perfusion syringes, 50 mL syringes, are designed for short term use in syringe pumps (active IIa devices) for the administration of pharmaceuticals
  • The 50 mL Catheter Tip Syringes have a long tapered tip designed to aid in irrigation or for connection to non-ISO compatible Luer connections such as nasogastric tubes

BD Plastipak, 1 mL low dosage

  • Low dose syringes make it easier to accurately measure a small dose than with large capacity syringes
  • Available without or with needles (25G, 26G, 27G or 30G)
  • 1 mL syringes with 0.01 mL, I.U 40 or I.U 100 graduations
  • The BD Plastipak Test and Sub-Q syringes are mainly designed for administering allergens in the desensitization treatment of allergies


Please note, not all products, services or features of products and services may be available in your local area. Please check with your local BD representative.

†For all syringe sizes except 10 mL BD Plastipak™ Syringe with Luer-Lok™ Tip (SKU: 300912) produced at BD Canaan, CT manufacturing facility.
*Manual use +/- 1.5% of nominal capacity plus 1-2% of expelled volume.
**Check with syringe pump manufacturer or syringe pump manual for compatibility of syringe with specific syringe infusion pumps

BD Plastipak™ Syringes (SKU: 305959, 300629, 301189, 301229, 300865, 300869, 300613, 301183, 301231, 300866, 300867, 300605, 303174, 303173, 303172), BD Plastipak™ Syringes with attached BD® Blunt Fill Needle (SKU: 309742, 309743), BD Plastipak™ 1 mL Syringes with detached BD Microlance™ 3 Needle (303175, 303176, 303177, 303179, 303178), BD Plastipak™ Syringes Non-Sterile (SKU: 300223, 302055, 300220, 300224, 300228, 300328) are CE marked and are CE certified with AEMPS (0318).

BD Plastipak™ Syringes (SKU: 309658, 309649, 300912, 309628), BD Plastipak™ 1 mL Sub-Q and 1 mL Syringes with attached needle (SKU: 305501, 305502, 324701), BD Plastipak™ 1 mL Syringes with detached BD Microlance™ 3 Needle (303175, 303176, 303177, 303179, 303178), BD Plastipak™ Syringes Non-Sterile (SKU: 301032, 301035, 301031, 301033, 301027, 301029, 301073, 301077, 309648, 301030) are CE marked and are CE certified with NSAI (0050).

Catalogue number 301028 is not CE marked but produced under the same conditions as the CE mark, such as the same certified quality management system, the same raw materials, manufacturing instructions and in-process and final inspection as the CE marked equivalent.