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BD Knowledge Portal for Medication Technologies

Optimisation made easy - with actionable information

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BD Knowledge Portal for Medication Technologies is an intuitive application that provides full visibility of the medication journey quickly transforming data into actionable information to enable critical decision making. Users can access data and key performance indicators with just a few clicks to help optimise devices, track performance trends and standardise hospital policies, without data overload or additional manual steps. Provides ability for users to perform their own ad-hoc medication dispensing analytics for the single hospital or across the health system.

Features and Benefits

Enterprise data management

It provides analytics for continuous improvement, streamlines workflow and supports retrospective trending and reporting.

Compliance and efficiencies


The data can be leveraged to manage stockouts, drug shortages, station benchmarks for optimisation and user compliance.

Secure data management


Our web-based, hosted applications within the BD product portfolio reduce your IT footprint.

Inventory management

Enterprise-wide visibility helps you address inventory carrying costs, slow-moving medications and suggested PAR levels.

Integrated access

Unlimited user access with customisable permissions across our Knowledge Portals can be leveraged across the enterprise.


Custom query creation

You can access all raw, unfiltered data across Pyxis products to create unlimited custom queries.


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