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BD is a worldwide leading medical technology company delivering a broad portfolio of solutions dedicated to medication preparation and delivery. Through our 125-year history of innovation and partnerships, we have become experts in supporting the following customers with fill-at-use, disposable devices* and associated services:


    • Pharmaceutical Companies
    • Kit Packers
    • MedTech / OEM
    • Compounders
    • Animal Health



    To view our offering of prefillable systems, visit our other website dedicated to BD Pharmaceutical Systems.

    Enabling preparation and administration of injectable drugs worldwide

    BD offers reliable and innovative solutions to pharmaceutical companies worldwide, from drug discovery to manufacturing and quality control, and packaging and storage to preparation and administration.

    We provide reconstitution, injection and infusion devices for all your needs, including co-packing, clinical trial material and laboratory work. Our devices may be used for complex administration routes (such as ophthalmic drug reconstitution), as well as for cell and gene therapies (C&GT), home use of chronic drugs, and vaccination campaigns.

    We help our customers who want to co-pack or co-deliver the administration devices with their drugs. Typically, they do so to support proper administration, or as a service to the end user, or to control the drug administration material - e.g., in clinical trials.

    Our Quality & Regulatory Business-to-Business Team is on hand to provide you with all the relevant documentation and support your need to register your final product.

    BD supports Kit Packers with 125 years of innovation

    BD has developed extensive experience, technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities in the large-scale production of medical devices. Today, we can offer clinical support and BD solutions for the development of kits for hospital and homecare enabling best clinical practices in terms of:

    • Vascular access management
    • Vascular care and maintenance
    • Medication preparation and aseptic compounding
    • Medication administration and injection


    Our objective

    • Ensuring BD products’ safety, functionality and performance after further sterilization processing by kit packers.
    • Providing MSI (Manufacturer Sterilization Instructions) supportive documents in order to comply with the European Medical Device Regulation 2017/745.

    BD is committed to be a partner of choice for MedTech Companies

    BD OEM Contract Manufacturing contracts with global medical device manufacturers to deliver world-class infusion solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality IV products for multiple applications. To manufacture these products, we rely on a fully integrated production cycle including tubing extrusion, injection molding, highly automated assembly, packaging and sterilization.

    Why contract with BD for manufacturing?

    As a global company, BD is in the position to empower your company with large-scale facilities and far-reaching competencies.

    What can BD provide to MedTech companies?

    • Support and expertise as an original equipment manufacturer OEM
      We provide privately-labeled products and/or custom kits for our customers based on agreed-upon specifications. The resulting products are unique and are tailored to your company and your customers' needs.

    • Long term partnership
      We work closely with you to meet your pricing, capacity and timeline requirements to ensure your product goes to market when you need it to.

    • A comprehensive range of high-quality products
      We can customize your kits for any procedure requiring IV infusion, with IV start kits, dressing change kits and minor-procedure packs. We can also pull from our extensive portfolio of Injection Products, Vascular IV Catheters and IV Care and Maintenance. 


    Learn more about our OEM offering on this website


    Leading the way in innovative solutions

    Taking care of medication preparation, you have a lot to manage with compounding. BD can help simplify these challenges empowering your commitment for safe and efficient medication preparation.

    As a leading innovator in injection-and-infusion-based drug delivery, we are committed to enhancing outcomes, reducing costs and improving safety. We’re a partner you can trust to work with you, delivering comprehensive solutions designed to address the distinct challenges of medication preparation.

    We propose an array of sterile medical devices for medication preparation such as safety needles, vial adapters, closed system drug transfer devices (CSTD) and HD check to detect on-site contamination.

    Our solutions support compliance with regulatory guidelines and recommendations and are designed to help simplify pharmacy efficiency and enhance patient safety.

    Made for what's next in animal health

    Together with veterinarians, we have developed a selection of products and technologies adapted to the needs of veterinarians and companion animals.

    In this journey, we are committed to providing high-quality products and innovative technologies, elevating the level of care in your practice.

    Finally, we developed peer-to-peer educational videos around vascular access management, as well as product selection guides.

    To view our Animal Health offering, visit this website.

    Together, we can advance the world of health

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