Bringing the private sector point of view to leading funders, international agencies and the U.S. government BD Global Health advocates for progress and funding of important global health issues.

Injection Safety

BD has long advocated for guidelines to promote healthcare worker safety as well as guidelines on safe injection practices. BD  served as a key stakeholder in driving the recently released "WHO guideline on the use of safety-engineered syringes for intramuscular, intradermal and subcutaneous injections in healthcare settings."

Antimicrobial Resistance

BD supports efforts to fight antimicrobial resistance in conjunction with AdvaMed Dx, including participation in events at the World Health Assembly, the UN General Assembly and the World Economic Forum.

Partnership with CDC in Cambodia and Georgia

In 2016, BD entered into two new collaborations with the CDC in Cambodia and the country of Georgia to address the transmission of disease in medical settings. BD is providing training on injection safety, as well as safer phlebotomy and infusion practices, for both countries. In Cambodia, a recent outbreak of HIV & AIDS in the Roku district was a result of unsafe injection practices. In Georgia, the prevalence of hepatitis C (estimated to be 7%) prompted the government of Georgia to designate the disease as the country's top health priority. Unsafe injection and blood safety practices contribute to the infection burden.