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Compounding Workflow

Errors are continually a top concern, with one five-hospital study showing a 9% rate of IV admixture compounding errors.1 To minimize preventable errors, pharmacists are turning to automation that helps improve accuracy, standardize practice and streamline workflow from medication preparation to delivery.

Our compounding workflow software enables formulary interoperability and helps reduce probability of errors via a combination of gravimetrics, barcode verification and a step-by-step guidance system. Available with optional, camera-based hardware, our solution provides visual documentation of vial, syringe and IV container information during each gravimetric step

BD Pyxis™ IV Prep Medication Workflow Software Solutions

The solutions improve pharmacy workflow and compounding safety.


  • Standardizes order review, picking and dose prep
  • Reduces manual quality-control checks
  • Calculates compounding drug/ diluent quantities
  • Utilizes real-time gravimetric verification
  • Verifies does are within institutional tolerances
  • Detects errors via barcode technology
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Texium™ System

The closed system transfer device protects clinicians and patients.


  • Reduces risk of exposure to hazardous drugs
  • Enables pharmacists to remotely verify admixture prep
  • Digitally captures prep time and drug waste data
  • Automates an audit trail of each compounding procedure
  • Enables HIT interoperability to improve order importing, dose queue management and med tracking
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  1. Flynn, E., Pearson, R., Barker, K. Observational study of accuracy in compounding i.v. admixtures at five hospitals. Am J Health Syst Pharm, 1997, 54(8):904–912.

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