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BD Pyxis™

Enhance medication availability while increasing security and control of medications and supplies with a comprehensive system of automated dispensing solutions and pharmacy technologies across your healthcare system. 


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BD Pyxis™:  Connected medication dispensing solutions

BD Pyxis™ connected medication and supply management solutions help increase inventory visibility and address your medication error challenges to ensure medications and supplies are available when and where they are needed across care settings.

With comprehensive medication and supply management throughout your healthcare system, you can remove variability that impacts patient care and safety and improve operational efficiencies—freeing your staff to work at the top of their licenses.

Promote medication availability with BD Pyxis™ connected medication management solutions 

With 68% of medication errors occurring during administration1, there is a clear need for greater medication management consistency to reduce risk and enhance patient safety. BD Pyxis™ medication management software and medication dispensing machines enable a consistent approach to medication management across your organization to help keep teams aligned and focused on what matters most—patient care.

You can cut refill time in half with BD Pyxis™ solutions

It’s shortened, probably by half, the amount of time we spend refilling medications.

Renata Kirejczyk, Pharmacy Tech, UConn Health

Unify data with BD Pyxis™ solutions

"BD Pyxis™ Logistics has allowed us to close gaps. We took various streams of data and we put them into one system. So it's one universal workflow and prioritized."  

Kimberly Metcalf, PharmD; Director of Pharmacy Services, UConn Health

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About BD Pyxis™ medical technologies

Promote medication availability with BD Pyxis™ connected medication management solutions

Medication costs make up the majority of your pharmacy budget. And timely availability of the right medications for your patients has a direct impact on patient safety, satisfaction and outcomes. Without a complete view of your inventory on hand, you can’t ease the increasing tension between medication availability and medication cost control, and you can’t reveal the hidden sources of waste, risk and diversion. 

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive solution, a scalable system that can be customized to your organization’s evolving needs or the ability to leverage your existing technologies, including your EMR, BD Pyxis™ medication technologies like BD Pyxis™ Logistics and BD Pyxis™ MedStation™ ES can help you achieve greater consistency and system-level standardization, while keeping your patients at the center of everything you do. 

Get control over your medication inventory—from loading dock to bedside—and ensure medications are available when and where they’re needed.  

Learn more about BD Pyxis™ medication technologies below.


With BD Pyxis™ medication technologies you can:

  • Make the status of all medications visible—in near real time—for nurses and pharmacists.
  • Improve pharmacy automation, visibility and standardization while driving out cost, waste and complexity.
  • Help pharmacies efficiently procure, pick, prepare, check and track all medications.
  • Define optimal inventory levels in the central pharmacy, out on the floor, and across your entire health care system.
  • Monitor potential adverse clinical events through alerts and reports.
  • Help safely manage controlled substance inventory and minimize errors.

BD Pyxis™ medical technology family

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1. C—0651. California Hospital Patient Safety Organization (2012, October). Patient Safety News. 4(9

2. As of 2019 TJC requires USP 797/800 compliance documentation.