BD Transparency

At BD we engage with healthcare professionals (“HCPs”) and healthcare organizations (“HCOs”) to pursue our purpose of advancing the world of health.  BD is committed to providing clear insight about how we operate, conduct business globally, and remain transparent in the relationships we have with HCPs and HCOs.

BD holds the value that “We do what is right” and is fully committed to upholding the highest ethical standards set forth by all government regulatory bodies and all industry codes surrounding conduct engaging HCPs and HCOs.

BD acquires informed consent from the HCP for the individual disclosure of his/her name with associated transfers of value. If the HCP does not grant his/her consent for the individual disclosure, BD will report the associated payments and transfers of value in aggregate, under an unnamed category.

The attached disclosure reports contain transfers of value made to HCPs and HCOs that are not published by the individual country.

The Transfers of Values disclosed in this report cover all the payments made by BD and its affiliates to HCPs and HCOs residing in Italy.