Center for Safety and Clinical Excellence (CSCE) - Dubai

Officially inaugurated in November 2016, the Center for Safety and Clinical Excellence in Dubai (CSCE) is the second such site in the world (following the long-standing CSCE in San Diego, California) and is slated to tell BD's story - that of a world leader in medical technology, devices and laboratory equipment from medication management and parenteral drug delivery to diagnostics and solutions for clinical research.

The vision of the CSCE is to demonstrate to associates, visitors and partners (distributors) the full scope of BD's contribution to Advancing the World of Health in a compelling and customer-centric way using outcome-driven care stations (representing the 6 business units MMS, PAS, BDB, DS, MPS and DC in the EMA region) along a patient's journey in a given healthcare facility.

Strategically located in Dubai to serve the EMA region and beyond, the mission of the CSCE is to support the business objectives by raising awareness (solutions/features), asserting regional services and capabilities, offering dedicated end-user trainings/education and ultimately maximizing the "close" rate of the customers' visits. It is a dynamic hub, weaving BD's solutions and value propositions in the intricate healthcare lattice, fuelled by the energizing participation of the respective subject-matter experts and commercial associates from the business units, who are actively involved in the preparation and hosting of any visit.

Embracing BD's quality-driven history, tremendous gravitas is given to the patient's and healthcare worker's safety across the continuum of care in order to demonstrate how BD can help providers meet the national and international safety standards.

To book a tour of the CSCE, please call +971 4 5592555 or send a calendar invite to 

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