Integrated Analytics Solutions

Knowledge is power, and in your health system, knowledge is everywhere. That's why BD offers integrated analytic solutions to help you capture the endless amount of data you generate and turn it into actionable intelligence. You can use such data to unlock clinical performance, identify system weakness, improve patient safety, and, lower associated cost.

With BD analytics, you can quickly access stored data to enable you to take action and monitor performance over time. These programmes can provide you with clinical insight that will enable timely decisions and identify improvement opportunities previously hidden from view.

Analytical options can help hospitals seeking flexibility in their analytical processes and access to their transaction data. BD analytics answer your critical questions without adding complexity or increasing your workload. This will help you with continuous performance improvement, while providing you the ability to efficiently measure key processes across disparate medical devices. You will benefit from actionable measures and easy access to relevant information without incurring the burden and expense of daily data management.

Both options include:

  • Seamless transmission of data
  • Easy access to the granular detail behind each key performance indicator

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Integrated Analytics Solutions from BD help hospitals increase tracking compliance, without draining precious time and money away from patient care.

Patient Safety

Integrated Analytics Solutions from BD offer multiple insights into helping improve patient safety, from identifying common IV programming errors to ensuring that clinicians have the supplies they need.

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