Microbiology Solutions

Blood Culture Systems

BD Diagnostics - Diagnostic Systems offers a variety of BACTEC™ Blood Culture instruments and media to meet the wide range of blood culture demands that are put on hospital and laboratories.

Data Management, Statistics and Epidemiology

BD EpiCenter™ software provides advanced data management for all BD Microbiology systems.

Direct Testing Systems and Serology

With more than three decades of extensive research and product experience, BD Diagnostic Systems has exhibited strong leadership in rapid detection of a wide range of pathogens including RSV and influenza virus, meningitis, Group A Strep and syphilis.

Environmental Systems

In the late 1960s, BD launched the first ever commercial system for environmental generation, eliminating the need for vacuum pumps, gas tanks, nanometers and release valves.

Identification and Suceptibility Testing

BD Diagnostics - Diagnostic Systems provides integrated Identification / Susceptibility systems based on fluorogenic substrates, chromogenic substrates, microdilution MIC and Bauer-Kirby disc diffusion testing method that best adapts to your laboratory workflow.

Microbiological Culture Media

BD offers media with a proven record of performance backed by over 180 years of combined BD Difco™ and BD BBL™ expertise bringing to the microbiology laboratory the highest levels of quality and performance.

Microbiology - Industrial

BD offers a variety of products for Microbiology - Industrial

Mycobacteria Testing Systems

BD Diagnostics - Diagnostic Systems offers an extensive line of products for your mycobacteriology laboratory.

Please note, not all products, services or features of products and services may be available in your local area. Please check with your local BD representative.