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BD BBL™ Stains and Indicators

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Within our state-of-the-art manufacturing centre is a dedicated production area for stain reagents. A unique BD manufacturing process reduces the presence of artefacts—a chemical precipitate sometimes mistaken for microorganisms in Gram stain preparations. The end result is easier-to-read and accurate staining.

Features and Benefits
Multiple staining methodologies
BD offers both traditional and cutting-edge staining methodologies, as well as quality control slides for Gram stain and acid-fast staining procedures.
Convenient packaging

Conveniently packaged in a compact tray, all BD BBL™ stain kits feature no-drip, "keep clean" cap spouts, both on 250-mL bottles and economical gallon containers.

Four-step Gram stain kit

This kit is available with stabilised iodine.

Two-step AFB stain kit

This kit is a rapid two-step modification of the Ziehl–Neelsen and Kinyoun stains that does not require heating, separate decolourisation steps or filtering.

Three-step AFB stain kit
This kit includes the traditional Kinyoun or Ziehl–Neelsen stains. Either stain enables the detection of acid-fast microorganisms without a fluorescent microscope.
Acridine orange stain
This stain helps detect microorganisms in direct smears by fluorescence, especially benefiting the screening of normally sterile specimens where a few organisms may be present.
Fluorescent stain kits
Our TB fluorescent kit M and TB fluorescent kit T contain the auramine-rhodamine stain. Rhodamine reduces nonspecific background fluorescence that may be present in either culture or clinical specimens.



Please note, not all products, services or features of products and services may be available in your local area. Please check with your local BD representative.