BD Cato

Transform accuracy, efficiency and improve patient safety

BD Cato™ - transform accuracy, efficiency and improve patient safety

BD Cato™ is an integrated software solution that provides support throughout all stages of therapy: from long-term prescription planning to the preparation and the administration of cytotoxic drugs and other critical substances.


“When interfacing PharmaHelp with BD Cato™, we have not only created a synergy between two products, obtaining a higher output in the compounding process, but we have also created a new, better workflow for our users. This interface has allowed our customers to reduce human errors and optimize their work, since now all prescriptions are transferred automatically from BD Cato™ to PharmaHelp and vice versa, avoiding unnecessary manual steps.


The great teamwork between BD Cato™ and Fresenius Kabi, the expertise of both teams in the compounding field, and the unique match between our two products have made this interface possible.


We are very pleased with our cooperation with BD Cato™ and look forward to further improving our interface, persistently delivering more value to our customers.”


Luigi Abruzzese, Senior Global Product Manager
Compounding Devices, Fresenius Kabi

Transform accuracy, efficiency and improve patient safety


Helps intercept drug and dose errors via gravimetric analysis workflow with hard stops, ensuring medication preparation accuracy. Automatic dosage calculations, pop-up warnings and preset regimens help to reduce the risk of medication errors. The use of barcodes enables increased safety at several steps during preparation and medication administration.

Helps reduce waste with clean room inventory management software featuring vial sharing tracking, lot management and returned IV management. Designed to reduce waste of drugs during the IV compounding process by minimizing workflow errors and reworks.

BD Cato™ improves your workflow efficiency in various ways:

  • Physician prescriptions are received electronically into the pharmacy for fast and efficient communication. This is achieved either by using BD Cato™ Prescribe or an Interface to 3rd party prescribing or electronic medical records (EMR) systems.
  • The system supports the whole process of compounding, beginning with the automated creation of a parts list for drugs, infusions and supplies to be used.
  • Customizable automatic warnings give notification of required dosage modifications and dosage limits (incl. cumulative dose)
  • GMP relevant data documented automatically, generating a consistent audit trail
  • Working with scale and barcoding ensures the accurate dosage and right ingredients of the ordered medication as well as the correct labeling.
  • Barcoded medication administration (BCMA) solution ensures that the 5 Rights of medication administration are fulfilled


The system verifies doses are prepared within institutional tolerances and provides real-time notification of errors. Step-by-step on-screen instructions and dosage checks by an electronic scale maximise precision during preparation. Both preparation processes and the planning and prescribing of medications are automatically documented.

GS1 and FMD compliant barcode scanning verification helps ensure use of the correct ingredient, diluent and vehicle necessary for the preparation.

The visual documentation hardware (VDH) automatically takes pictures of each step of the compounding process, which can be used for remote verification and documentation.

Provides robust and fully automated documentation and complete audit trail for each compounding procedure, including full preparation protocol with final measurements, images, preparation details and more.

BD's Global Customer Services team is available to support and guide you through the whole process of the software implementation from solution design to post Go-Live services and onsite preparedness for BD Cato™ solutions.

The gravimetric preparation workflow in BD Cato™ is enabled by a range of cleanroom peripherals. This equipment is installed inside an isolator or on a safety bench.

The hardware components needed:

  • Mettler Toledo (MT) Scales
  • Label Printer
  • BD Cato™ “Visual Documentation Hardware” (Camera) (recommended)
  • Barcode Reader (recommended)
  • Mini Foil Keyboard (recommended, if no touchscreen)
  • Laminar Air Flow Cabinet or Isolator

BD Cato™ has been implemented and compatible with LAF/Isolator manufacturers such as Berner and EuroBioConcept. For queries about individual isolator/laminar flow hood model compatibilities please contact your manufacturer directly.


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ISO 13485:2016 (TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH, Certificate No. Q5 107228 0001 Rev. 00)

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ISO 9001:2015 (TÜV Süd Management Service GmbH, certificate reg. no. 12 100 59931 TMS)

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Conformity of BD Cato™and BD Cato™ TPN with cGMP, GMP, GAMP and CFR21 Part11 (Certificate No. 3269778, TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH)

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BD Cato™ Prescribe (version 2.49 and higher) is a medical device and fulfills the requirements for CE marking of the Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and is marked with CE 0123.



BD Cato™ Showcase installation in Vienna General Hospital
BD Cato™ medication workflow solutions in UNC Medical Center

This video details how UNC Medical Center implemented BD Pyxis™ IV Prep (BD Cato™ Pharmacy in Europe) to eliminate errors and increase safety and accuracy of doses.


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