BD Cato™ ReadyMed

Barcoded Medication Administration digital solution to help ensure hospitals fulfill the rights of medication administration.

BD Cato™ ReadyMed

Barcoded Medication Administration digital solution to help ensure hospitals fulfill the rights of medication administration.

" The BD Cato™ ReadyMed system is the right way to optimise chemotherapy treatment. Barcode technology is an important safety step as it can guarantee the identification of the dispensed medication over the complete workflow. Without any risk for the patient you can optimise your workflow from the pharmacy to the ward and in urgent cases you can reject the product immediately, even at the bedside. Another important service of BD Cato™ ReadyMed is the timely prioritisation of all medication administration. It is an enormous assistance for nurses to see in the system what the actions are in the patient therapeutic regimen to the next time point. I am fully convinced by the benefits which the BD Cato™ ReadyMed system can bring. ”

- Dr. Ulrich Loesch
Production Leader, University Hospital Basel

Workflow with BD Cato™ ReadyMed

Approve nurse permission for administration.

Display order information.

Display relevant patient information on handheld.

Check medication/patient combination.
Check administration time.
Information is documented into electronic prescribing system.


The BD Cato™ ReadyMed mobile application:

  • Is a simple and intuitive barcoded medication administration documentation, checking and tracking solution that ensures safe medication is given to the right patient
  • Ensures Five Rights of Medication Administration:
    • The right patient, the right drug, the right dose, the right time, and the right documentation
    • Allows each hospital to achieve a HIMSS Europe level six adoption and utilization of EMR functions required to achieve a paperless environment3
  • Offers a patient-specific administration check:
    • Medication and patient workload
    • Overview for each nurse
    • Tailored to each nurse’s workload for the day


The administration of IV chemotherapy is critical and can lead to significant patient harm: 60% of medication errors are related to administration/supply, and the error rate for IVs is double that of oral medications.1

  • The standard medication administration process is long and complex, with at least eight steps before administration.
  • It requires a second nurse check that is distracting for the second nurse and causes delays.
  • Look-alike, sound-alike medication contributes to 33% of errors1,2. Most chemotherapies are colourless liquids in similar bags.
  • Other contributory factors to medication administration errors include high workload/low staffing (23%)1.


  • Reduce medication errors
  • Warnings – soft and hard stops are displayed immediately after scanning the barcode
  • Reduce distractions
  • Distraction is reduced by displaying structured information to the nurse
  • Standardize processes
  • Standardized patient specific administration workflow
  • Increase traceability
  • Authentication with BD Cato™ access data
  • Administration confirmation is automatically sent back to BD Cato™ Pharmacy
  • Provides live updates between pharmacy and nursing
  • Displays status of an order and IV bag compounding
  • Reduce number of steps
  • Reduce manual documentation
  • Information input on ReadyMed is instantly transferred to BD Cato™
  • Reduce the need for second nurse check
  • Provides updates for different medication statuses
  • Administration of cytotoxic and oral solids for full treatment management


BD Cato™ ReadyMed Success Story - East Tallinn Central Hospital

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