BD Cato™ for TPN

Prescribing and Compounding Software

BD Cato™ for TPN

BD Cato™ for TPN offers a comprehensive software solution for parenteral nutrition

BD Cato™ for TPN offers comprehensive software support for parenteral nutrition and covers the entire process from the prescription to documentation, supply and preparation with interfaces to TPN compounding machines. The accurate planning of individual nutrition solutions and the simplified prescription of the pre-prepared products ensures a high level of safety for the patients and an efficient link between physician and pharmacy.

Safety is provided not only through exact calculations, but also through warnings if certain limits are exceeded. Erroneous prescriptions with too much volume or too high glucose concentrations are potentially avoided.

Automatic dosage calculations, warnings and default values with defined nominal values, assist in avoiding mistakes in the prescription process. With direct links between the pharmacy and preparation as well as to the compounder ensure the highest level of safety.

Therapy default plans, automatic dosage calculation and documentation help to save precious working time. Exact preparation instructions and a list of drugs or supplies enable an ideal workflow of the preparation, both at the pharmacy and directly at the ward.

All relevant data for the nutrition, are available at any time in a clearly laid-out manner to enable safe, yet adjustable planning. Detected errors will be highlighted immediately, concisely and corresponding adjustments of the prescription can be easily made.


In BD Cato™ for TPN the prescription is created according to the daily TPN of each patient, whereby a TPN can consist of any number of mixture bags or perfusion pumps. The physician can prescribe not only a standard mixture of bags but also individually calculated solutions based on patient data and lab results.

BD Cato™Prescribe for TPN version 2.49
A view of a BD Cato™ Prescribe for TPN page in version 2.49
  • Defined defaults (including assigned minimum values) makes the prescription process easier and more efficient
  • Pre-defined maximum values (e.g. total volume) will be checked and saving is prevented if maximum values are exceeded. In addition, maximum values for the dosage of the individual active ingredients can be stored.
  • Depending on the catheter used, the maximum glucose concentration is monitored in direct dependence on the possible dilution with water. This dilution is also automatically calculated – again depending on the total nominal volume.

TPN Templates

BD Cato™ for TPN offers the possibility to maintain standard mixture bags and mixture bag defaults. While standard mixture bags contain absolute defined quantities of components, the dosage can also be defined depending on the presence of the lab results and patient data, such as body weight.

TPN template within BD Cato™ Pharmacy in version 2.49
A view of a TPN template within BD Cato™ Pharmacy in version 2.49

It is possible to store certain maximums in these already pre-determined values (volume, energy, carbohydrates, fats and proteins) as a default – which will also depend on the medical reports. If a default value is used in a prescription , the actual dosage will be calculated by using the current patient data and lab results, the nominal values will also be checked. Pre-determined values (volume, energy, carbohydrates, fats and proteins) as a default – will also depend on the medical reports.


BD Cato™ for TPN supports both the preparation of patient-specific mixture bags as well as the batch production of standard mixture bags. Several mixture bags can be combined into one preparation.

BD Cato™ Pharmacy parts list, contents of different channels in compounder
A view of the BD Cato™ Pharmacy parts list, showing the contents of the different channels in the compounder

BD Cato™ for TPN supports the user when choosing the required materials for preparations and it documents the used batches in order to ensure that they can be traced back.

BD Cato™ Pharmacy electronic worksheet with guided gravimetric technology

Furthermore BD Cato™ for TPN prepares the required lists of drugs and supplies, offers detailed preparation instructions and prints labels. In order to guarantee the most efficient automation, BD Cato™ for TPN offers manual preparation and the possibility to control compounders.


An example of an electronic worksheet in BD Cato™ Pharmacy. With our guided gravimetric technology, as each step is completed accurately the instructions will move onto the next step. A label is also produced once all the steps are completed accurately.

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BD Cato™ Prescribe (version 2.49 and higher) is a medical device and fulfills the requirements for CE marking of the Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and is marked with