Drug preparation products
Drug preparation products

Drug preparation products

BD offers a line of drug preparation and drug reconstitution products that are designed to be both user friendly and cost effective. The SmartSite™ needle-free system allows for safe and simple access to multi-dose vial containers and IV fluid bags. The vial access device and bag spike accessories ensure maximum compliance with needle-free protocols and allow you to standardize on one integrated, needle-free system throughout your facility.

By providing needle-free and latex-free products, the SmartSite™ needle-free system offers a whole new level of safety versus traditional systems. All of our SmartSite needle-free valve components partner with our Texium™ closed male Luer to deliver a closed system for the safe handling of hazardous drugs.

  • Vial access devices provide swabable and secure needle-free vial access for a variety of needs, including the ability to reconstitute and dispense solutions from lyophilized powder without needles.
  • Needle-free devices are able to dispense single dose quantities from a multi-dose vial.
  • IV bag containers can be accessed via needle-free devices with ports that are both swabable and secure.
  • Needle-free devices provide your clinicians with a safer alternative to bag spiking with a sharp needle.
  • Prevent contamination of your source container and fluid reflux with our needle-free device that contains a one-way valve.
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