Medication Management

Help protect medication-related patient safety at all points of care

Medication and Supply Management

Containing costs, improving care coordination and increasing the quality of the medication use process are industry imperatives. BD can help hospitals address these issues with our market-leading Alaris™ infusion, Rowa™ automation solutions and Pyxis™ medication technologies.

This portfolio of products, combined with our unique ability to integrate data from our devices and surveillance services, makes us one of the few companies that can help protect medication types at all points of care, and deliver the information caregivers need to better protect their patients and better manage their day.

Some ways we help to transform medication management:


Our infusion offerings include devices, software, interoperability and IV therapy that help optimize infusions while protecting patients across all care areas.
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Integrated Analytics Solutions

Our integrated analytics solutions innovatively integrate our devices while delivering analytics to help you streamline processes, optimize systems and reduce costs.
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Medication Technologies

BD technologies combine proven technology with actionable intelligence to prevent medication errors, help free up clinician time to focus on patient care, increase the predictability of medication availability and reduce inefficiencies in the medication use process - from the pharmacy to the patient’s bedside.
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Supply Technologies

Throughout the hospital or group, Pyxis™ supply technologies provide a measurable ROI through improved case costing, workflow efficiency, regulatory compliance, data analysis and improved charge capture where applicable.
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