BD Inaugurates China First Digitalized Comprehensive Training and Innovation Center

Publish date: Jul 19, 2023

July 19, 2023, Hangzhou, China, BD inaugurated the first Greater China training and innovation center. BD Chairman, CEO and President Tom Polen attended the opening ceremony along with BD Global and Greater Asia leadership, as well as SVP, Greater China General Manager James Deng, etc. BD China leadership. Xudong Sun, Hangzhou Deputy Mayor and other VIP participants were also present at the event.

As the first digitalized comprehensive training & innovation center in China, Greater China Training & Innovation Center (GCTIC) is equipped with professional and cutting-edge digital marketing platform, world-leading laboratories, refreshed and updated customer experience center, multifunctional training and incubation spaces, etc. GCTIC will enhance the capabilities and innovation of BD in an all-around way and empower the construction of a local innovative MedTech ecosystem.

Raise the bar for MedTech innovation to improve healthcare

Tom Polen, Chairman, CEO and President of BD, said: "BD is one of the world’s largest and most innovative MedTech companies with global reach and scale to address healthcare’s most pressing challenges. Since entering China in 1994, BD has delivered hundreds of thousands of innovative products that are addressing the evolving needs of Chinese patients. China has been a vital market for us, the opening of BD’s Greater China Training & Innovation Center (GCTIC) marks another milestone in our journey, showcasing our dedication to helping the China MedTech industry advance toward continuous high-quality growth and improvement. As we step into a new era of healthcare innovation with the opening of the GCTIC, we will continue to focus on addressing the real-world challenges that Chinese healthcare institutions and patients face, as we strive to contribute to healthier communities, and a healthier China.”


At the event, BD also unveiled five clinical training centers, including: the Vascular Access Skills Training Center, the Joint Promotion & Training Base for High-quality Hernia Surgery Projects, the BD College of Peripheral Intervention, the Lab Capacity Building Demo & Training Center, and the BD Urinary Surgery Training Center. By establishing these training centers, BD wants to provide standard and custom educational courses for people in various disciplines, to upgrade their mindsets, to improve their skills, and to help them become qualified surgeons. In addition, these centers will also create opportunities for China’s MedTech workers to engage in academic exchanges, so as to improve the clinical capability of Chinese hospitals and help more patients regain health.

The Innovation Hub, an important part of BD’s innovation ecosystem, was also unveiled on the same day. Equipped with world-leading laboratories and simulation environment, it provides an innovation space to combine clinic practices with engineering activities. The hub will empower BD partners and help clinical experts apply research findings. Furthermore, the training programs will enable clinical experts and engineers to interact with each other face to face. This will help the R&D team get timely and in-depth feedback from clinicians, so as to improve the efficiency and quality of product development, to create more innovative solutions from the very source, and to better serve the local market.

Seek strategic collaboration to upgrade the healthcare ecosystem

While driving local innovation, BD is also actively seeking strategic collaboration with local partners. 

Firstly, BD signed a framework agreement on pharmacy dispensing robots with Hangzhou Zetian Chunlai Technology Co., Ltd. Under the agreement, the two companies will work closely with each other for local innovation and local manufacturing in a local ecosystem, and to serve the construction of smart pharmacies and smart hospitals in China in a faster, better and more pertinent manner. Meanwhile, BD also signed an agreement with Yadu Holdings Group for strategic collaboration project on innovative urine drainage solution. Through this project, BD wants to bring its groundbreaking female external catheters to China faster, so that local patients can benefit from this global medtech product as early as possible, while providing a strong driver for the company’s sustainable growth in China.

Prior to the inauguration of the GCTIC, BD had already signed agreements with the first Chinese customers for its latest RhapsodyTM HT Xpress System, a higher-throughput platform for analyzing single cells. This epoch-making single-cell multiomics analysis platform is able to run million cell studies easily. BD was able to sell 6 units of this system to Chinese customers when they formally saw the product for the first time after its launch. 

In addition, after the opening of GCTIC, BD launched National Laboratory Competency Building and Quality Management Improvement Project, building specialized communication platform cooperated with national laboratory KOLs, College of American Pathologists, etc.

Benefit patients with innovation and help achieve the "Healthy China 2030" vision

James Deng, BD Global Senior Vice President and Greater China Region General Manager, said: "With the favorable government policies that encourage innovation, the GCTIC will be able to leverage its strength to the maximum extent possible. On the one hand, we believe BD will speed up innovation and develop more innovative products to address China's unmet needs in clinical practice and research while accelerating the launch of innovative products in China to benefit Chinese patients. On the other hand, the GCTIC is an important part of our efforts to increase our brand influence in the local market and create a local innovation ecosystem, and it will serve as a platform for interactions and exchanges between BD and local partners. BD will continue to act as an industry leader, to drive the industry’s opening-up, innovation and transformation through local innovation and partnership building, and to create a collaborative and win-win industry ecosystem.”  

The GCTIC has a total floor space of more than 3,400 square meters, including four core functional modules: the Customer Experience Center, the Professional Training Center, the Innovation Hub, and the Digital Innovation Center. It’s especially worth mentioning that the Customer Experience Center has three display areas featuring real-world scenarios: the ecosystem of innovative interventions, precise oncology, and future labs, to vividly demonstrate BD’s total solutions from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and home-based patient care. The Professional Training Center is equipped with a microbiology laboratory, a dry/wet laboratory, conference rooms, and a road-show studio, where everything needed for experiments, training, and hands-on operations is provided. Moreover, the things actually happening in an operating room or a lab can be broadcast live to other rooms on the same floor via the broadcast system, to achieve more efficient training coverage.

With its well-equipped training center, leading digital and intelligent communication systems, and efficient innovation incubation platform, the GCTIC is expected to host more than 150 internal and external training events a year, covering 15,000+ customers, 2,000+ distributors, and 2,000+ employees. Furthermore, the GCTIC is also expected to host 15+ forums for governments or think-tanks.

By hosting national or even global academic or marketing events, and attracting quality partners to explore new paths and methods for MedTech innovation, the GCTIC is intended to play a major role in facilitating the efficient incubation of innovations and the transformation and upgrade of the regional economy, so as to contribute to the realization of the "Healthy China 2030" vision.