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PowerPICC™ Catheter, Nursing

Experience the efficiency of power injection for CECT scans and PICC therapy with PowerPICC™ catheters

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  • Maximum Injection Rates
  • Easy Identification
  • Easy-to-Read
  • I.D. Tags
  • Multiple tray configurations
  • Safety Components
  • StatLock® Stabilization Device Compatible
  • Reverse Taper Design
  • CVP Monitoring 
  • Patient Comfort

PowerPICC™ catheters combine the efficacy of PICC access and power injection into one catheter.

Features and Benefits

Maximum Injection Rates

PowerPICC® catheters allow injection of contrast media for CECT scans at a maximum rate of 5 mL/sec

Clearly Labeled

The Power of Purple® . . . PowerPICC® catheters are clearly labeled to differentiate them from all PICCs not indicated for power injection

Single, Dual and Triple Lumen Catheters

Available in 4 French single-lumen, 5 French single-lumen, 5 French dual-lumen, 6 French dual-lumen, 5 French triple-lumen and 6 French triple-lumen sizes

CVP Monitoring

All PowerPICC™ catheters are indicated for CVP monitoring

5 FR Dual Lumen PowerPICC® FT Catheter

Smaller and more flexible in the peripheral veins between the 5 cm and 30 cm section of the indwelling catheter.

Easy-to-Read I.D. Tags

Indicate maximum injection rates and prompts users to check catheter patency

Reverse Taper Design

Gently plugs the insertion site and provides excellent kink resistance

Multiple tray configurations

Available in Maximal Barrier, full and basic tray configurations

Safety Components

All nursing PowerPICC™ catheter trays include safety components that enhance clinician and patient safety

Patient Satisfaction

Improves patient comfort due to decreased needle sticks

Products & Accessories
DescriptionMaximal Barrier Standard TrayFull TrayBasic Tray
Microintroducer (length and size PICC dependent)
Guidewire, 0.018 in.
Scalpel, safety
IV catheter, 20 Ga.
Introducer needle, 21 Ga.
Needle hypodermic, safety, 25 Ga. 
Filter straw 
Wound closures (pkg of three) 
Transparent dressing 
Drape, fenestrated  
Drape, full body, fenestrated  
Bouffant cap  
Surgical gown  
Towel, absorbent  
Poly underdrape 
Tourniquet, latex-free 
Face mask 
Surgical tape 
Measuring tape 
End cap (one per PICC lumen)
Surgical gloves, sterile, latex-free 
Alcohol wipe 
Gauze pad, 4 in. x 4 in. 
Gauze pad, 2 in. x 2 in. 
StatLock™ catheter stabilization device
Patient Checklist  
Room Stop Sign  
Patient Safety Guide  


Available sizes: 4 Fr. & 5 Fr. Single-Lumen, 5 Fr. & 6 Fr. Dual-Lumen, and 5 Fr. & 6 Fr. Triple-Lumen