60 mL BD® Syringe will now be 50mL


BD is making a change to the scale markings on all 50/60 mL BD® Syringes.

Scale markings on all 60 mL BD® Syringes will no longer extend beyond 50 mL, and the product will be labeled and sold as a 50 mL BD® Syringe globally. There are no changes to device form, fit, function or raw material composition. Therefore, the new 50 mL BD® Syringe will maintain compatibility with any ancillary devices currently being used for either preparation or administration of medications (e.g., syringe pumps, robotic filling equipment, etc.). Catalog / Order Numbers assigned to 60 mL BD® Syringe will remain the same for 50 mL BD® Syringes.

We are implementing this change for three main reasons:

  1. Help drive safe sterile compounding practice by preventing overfill of medications and complying with aseptic technique.
  2. Standardize the BD® large volume syringe offering to better manage market supply and mitigate the risk of product shortages resulting from market related events.
  3. Align with other medication receptacles that may be in short supply (i.e., 50 mL mini bags, 50% dextrose prefilled syringe, sodium bicarbonate prefilled syringe, etc.) to facilitate product substitution with no anticipated clinical impact.

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