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BD Alaris™

Connect infusion capabilities across care areas.

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Connect to infusion protection

Our BD Alaris™ infusion systems, infusion software, infusion system therapies, and IV therapy sets and accessories can help pharmacy, nursing and other departments address their diverse infusion needs. Our comprehensive portfolio also offers platform interoperability across medical devices and HIT systems to help reduce errors, increase efficiency and enhance patient care.

From the hospital pharmacy to the patient bedside, BD Alaris™ helps protect infusions and improve patient safety.

The BD Alaris™ System supports a range of specialties including:

  • Oncology
  • Pain management
  • Critical care/ICU
  • Med/Surg
  • Outpatient

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Infusion system

Standardize your infusion devices and software.

Our BD Alaris™ infusion devices work independently and together to accurately deliver infusions while helping protect patients with the BD Alaris™ Guardrails™ Suite MX safety software. With large volume pump (LVP), syringe and PCA modalities on one platform, the systems help you streamline workflow and manage infusion data across all care areas.

We also offer a comprehensive suite of infusion software solutions to improve patient safety, reduce costs and optimize infusion management. Wirelessly communicating patient-specific infusion data, analytics and reporting including benchmarks and reducing cost writeoffs are just a couple of the capabilities.

BD Alaris™ infusion device family

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BD Alaris™ infusion software family


IV administration sets

Let us be your first line of defense.

Patient safety is on the line. Our full portfolio of IV therapy products are designed to optimize infusion delivery, reduce the risk of infection and protect vascular access sites. With proven brands that work together to improve quality care, we make patient safety a standard feature.

BD Alaris™ IV administration set families

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Infusion system interoperability

Connect your infusion solutions to promote safer care.

Infusion Interoperability prepopulates infusion order parameters from the electronic health record (EHR) to infusion modules. It then returns status information for documentation and surveillance. It also supports BD Alaris™ infusion device inventory management and utilization.

The BD Alaris™ Pump Module and BD Alaris™ Syringe Module support bi-directional EMR interoperability as well.

BD Alaris™ infusion interoperability

  • BD-Alaris-Asset-Management-image-test.png

    BD Alaris™ Asset Management

    Improve your infusion fleet management analytics & staff workflow efficiency with real-time visibility to device status.

  • Interop-Workflow_Nurse-Scanning-Alaris-Pump_296x296

    BD Alaris™ EMR Interoperability

    Seamlessly brings the infusion pump into your CPOE and BCMA workflow process—with just an additional scan.

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  • BD-Care-Coordination-Engine-image-test.png

    BD Care Coordination Engine

    BD CCE integrates our technologies and HIT systems, providing a single platform supporting a hospital or an IDN.

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