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BD Kiestra™ Total Lab Automation (TLA) System

Help maximize your microbiology laboratory efficiencies

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From sample processing to result reporting, the BD Kiestra™ TLA system offers a complete microbiology laboratory automation solution.

This system is modular and scalable to meet your laboratory's needs and helps you enhance laboratory operations, maximize financial efficiencies and advance laboratory outcomes. And utilizing BD Synapsys™ microbiology informatics solution, you’ll have complete traceability throughout the entire workflow. Design a solution today that can grow with tomorrow's increasing demands.

The BD Kiestra™ TLA system automates the microbiology process, from sample processing, plate transportation and incubation, to digital imaging.

Features and Benefits
Enhance laboratory operations

Automate to improve labor efficiency, streamline and improve workflow and increase productivity by reducing the need for subculture.1

Maximize financial efficiencies

Manage labor and laboratory costs by improving staff productivity and capacity and improving laboratory workflow.1

Advancing laboratory outcomes

Enhance quality of results by reducing human error and providing accurate results, faster.1,2

Enhanced incubation

Enhance bacterial growth3 by standardizing incubation times and conditions in a controlled and closed automated environment with the BD Kiestra™ ReadA™ Compact

Features and Benefits
Integrated sample processing

Connect one or two BD Kiestra™ InoqulA sample processors for high throughput sample processing

Integrated sample processing

Connect up to six BD Kiestra™ ReadA™ incubation and digital imaging systems to form a storage capacity of up to 6,912 plates and improve quality of growth1

High sample and plate loading capacity
Increase walkaway time for laboratory staff
Integrated workbenches
Complete automation of plate sorting and transporting
Access to results
Providing access to information anywhere, anytime with BD Synapsys™ microbiology informatics solution
Standardized imaging
Combine high-speed performance and standardized image acquisition to enable dynamic diagnostic imaging
Continuous support

Maximize system uptime and utilization with timely system implementation, ongoing staff training, and support through BD Kiestra™ Care Packages



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