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Arctic Sun™ 5000 Temperature Management System  

This rigid marker is designed to assist in accurate placement and to provide remarkable ultrasound...

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Temperature is at the very core of the body’s ability to function. Fast, precise action with targeted temperature management (TTM) can be an important intervention for some critically ill patients.

The Arctic Sun™ 5000 TTM system along with the ArcticGel™ Pads helps to monitor and control patient temperature non-invasively in adult and paediatric patients of all ages. The Arctic Sun™ 5000 TTM system incorporates:

  • A portable non-invasive system with a touch screen display
  • Automated temperature feedback and adjustments - Patient temperature is monitored, and automatic adjustments are made to achieve a pre-set temperature determined by the clinician
  • Continual monitoring of the patient with alerts and alarms to notify clinician of conditions that may interfere with patient safety or system performance
  • Built in Training programs for your clinicians

The ArcticGel™ Pads are an integral component of the Arctic Sun™ Temperature Management system. They are designed to help you deliver targeted temperature management within a narrow range for all appropriate patients.

  • With patented hydrogel technology, the ArcticGel™ Pads are a non-invasive solution that helps achieve precise core temperature control
  • The ArcticGel™ Pad’s proprietary hydrogel provides constant contact with skin throughout therapy
  • The ArcticGel™ Pads offer a comprehensive portfolio for any size patient – neonatal to adult


Please contact your local representative or BD office for support.

Product Training

In addition to hands-on training for users, online product training is also offered via the TTM U that users can complete at a time that suits them.

TTM U consists of a curated series of 20-minute modules which takes you through 4 different levels. Each level builds upon the last, giving you a solid foundation of knowledge of the Arctic Sun™ 5000 Temperature Management System.

The Novice Course, for all users of the Arctic Sun™ 5000 Temperature Management System, is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of the safe operation of the device. It is recommended that all users refresh their knowledge by completing this course annually.

The Beginner Level takes a deeper dive into the science behind the ArcticGel™ Pads and some simple ‘how to’ modules.

The Intermediate Course will develop your proficiency in interpreting the information provided by the Arctic Sun™ 5000 Temperature Management System to recognise heat generation and acquire some problem-solving skills.

Become an expert in the management of the Arctic Sun™ 5000 Temperature Management System by completing the Advanced Level of TTM U. Understand how operation of the device directly impacts the quality of therapy received by your patient as you strive for High Quality TTM.

At the end of every course, you will be able to download a certificate of completion for this level.

Stay abreast of who has completed each level of TTM U with regular reports on the usage of TTM U within your department. 

To get started with TTM U is very simple:

Step 1: Follow the link below to try a short 5-minute module. Following which, you can leave your department details and one of our team will be in touch with your departmental log-in details.

Step 2: If your department is already signed up for TTM U, you will need your unique departmental token to self-register in 5 easy steps:

  1. Follow the link to the self-registration page
  2. Enter your name, email address and your departmental token
  3. You will receive an email with a link to complete the registration
  4. Follow the link to complete registration and set up your own password
  5. You will have access to your TTM U Learning Path on your ‘home’ tab

For any problems, questions or queries please contact us at




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