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Healthcare providers rely on us for comprehensive solutions across discovery, diagnostics and delivery of care at critical moments throughout their patients’ lives.

By leveraging our global network of cutting-edge science and technology, powerful partnerships and the brightest minds in med tech, we’re helping healthcare professionals and organizations achieve better outcomes and patient experiences, while optimizing care delivery.

As we continuously innovate our category-leading core platforms, we're also focused on three irreversible trends driving the future of healthcare.

Smart connected care

Artificial intelligence, informatics and robotics will transform healthcare processes, tools and treatments

Example areas:

  • Smart medical devices
  • Lab automation and informatics
  • Connected medication management
New care settings

Shifts into new settings create major opportunities to improve patient outcomes and costs

Example areas:

  • Point of care diagnostics
  • Non-acute medication management
  • Home urinary incontinence 
Chronic disease outcomes

Medical technology will have a growing role in improving outcomes in chronic diseases

Example areas:

  • Self-administered drug delivery
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • End-stage kidney disease

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Artificial intelligence, informatics and robotics will transform healthcare processes, tools and treatments


Sensica™ Urine Output System

Harness the power of automated monitoring

The Sensica™ Urine Output System is an automated urine output monitoring system for bedside monitoring of any patient with a standard Bard® Foley catheter and drainage system. The system continuously monitors urine output and can automatically transmit data into the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR).1 The Sensica™ System enables accurate data with trended data graphing, customizable patient settings, Foley duration tracking and default weight normalized urine output alarms that align with internationally recognized acute kidney injury identification guidelines.

BD Kiestra™

BD Kiestra™ Laboratory Automation Solutions

Experience the future of lab automation today

We understand that laboratories are challenged to meet the needs of their customers with continuously evolving sample volumes, shortages of qualified staff, increasing financial pressure from reduced budgets and changing diagnostic methods.

BD Kiestra™ Laboratory Automation Solutions are uniquely positioned to offer standardized and scalable solutions for inoculation, incubation, plate imaging and reading and follow-up testing. BD Kiestra™ solutions help prepare laboratories to meet these changing demands and achieve efficient, timely and cost-effective clinical bacteriological testing.2, 3, 4

BD HealthSight™

BD HealthSight™ Diversion Management Analytics application

Create seamless visibility and insights across medication management solutions

The BD HealthSight™ platform for enterprise medication management is our unique combination of connective technologies, analytics and expert services that close gaps and create seamless visibility across BD medication management solutions. As part of this platform, the BD HealthSight™ Diversion Management Analytics application assists with opioid drug diversion investigations by creating an investigation workflow to monitor, triage and assign potential diversion cases to specific investigators. It utilizes machine learning algorithms and multiple dispensing behaviors to surface clinicians whose behavior indicates higher risk for diversion. The application also aggregates EMR and dispensing cabinet data to automate a normally time consuming and tedious manual review process to reconcile and automatically flag anomalous dispense, administration and waste transactions.


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Shifts into new settings create major opportunities to improve patient outcomes and costs


IntelliVault™ System

IntelliVault™ System

Improve the security, efficiency and compliance of medication storage to further support retail pharmacies

The IntelliVault™ System automatically tracks medications and provides near-real-time visibility as medications move through the prescription filling process. The IntelliVault™ System will help improve controlled substance management by reducing labor costs, helps reduce the risk of outpatient pharmacy fines for failure to keep proper records, and helps to protect against diversion.

BD Veritor™

BD Veritor™ At-Home COVID-19 Test

Explore the first at-home COVID-19 test to use smartphone to interpret and deliver results

BD developed this new rapid, digitally read, lateral flow antigen self-test to make COVID-19 testing faster and easier for people to complete in the privacy and safety of their own homes. The BD Veritor™ At-Home COVID-19 Testwill use a simple, pain-free nasal swab and an easy-to-use mobile app from Scanwell Health that yields reliable test results in 15 minutes. The mobile device's camera is then used to capture, analyze and interpret the results, which eliminates the human subjectivity of a visually read test.

PureWick™ System 

PureWick™ System

Discover a breakthrough for women with urinary incontinence

Until now, women with urinary incontinence had limited options, such as invasive catheters, to help manage their incontinence. The first-of-its-kind PureWick™ System was created to provide women with a non-invasive option to manage their urinary incontinence. The PureWick™ System pulls urine away from the PureWick™ Female External Catheter to a sealed collection canister. It fits on a nightstand or small end table.


  1. About the BD Veritor™ At-Home COVID-19 Test. The BD Veritor™ At-Home COVID-19 Test has not been FDA cleared or approved; but has been authorized by FDA under EUA. This product has been authorized only for the detection of proteins from SARS-CoV-2, not for any other viruses or pathogens. The emergency use of this product is only authorized for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency use of IVDs for detection and/or diagnosis of COVID-19 under Section 564(b)(1) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3(b)(1), unless the declaration is terminated or authorization is revoked sooner.


Medical technology will have a growing role in improving outcomes in chronic diseases

BD Libertas™

BD Libertas™ Wearable Injector

Enable large volume biotech drug delivery

BD Libertas™ Wearable Injectora is a drug delivery solution designed for people with chronic conditions requiring large volume* subcutaneous administration of biologics at home or in clinical settings.1 The wearable injector is designed to be used as a pre-filled fully mechanical drug delivery system for combination products and requires no patient filling or assembly.1

BD OnClarity™

BD OnClarity™ HPV Assay

Extend the power of HPV testing

In the post-vaccination era the prevalence of high-risk genotypes may change, making it crucial to identify high-risk genotypes individually. The BD Onclarity™ HPV Assay is FDA-approved for extended genotyping, offering flexibility to adapt to changing screening guidelines and evolving patient management guidance.


Pristine™ Long-Term Hemodialysis Catheter

Experience a new generation of hemodialysis catheters

The Pristine™ Long-Term Hemodialysis Catheter is our next generation of hemodialysis catheters. The catheter is uniquely designed to help facilitate accurate Y-Tip™ distal lumen placement in the mid right atrium. The notched tip is designed to help resist positional occlusion. Its side-hole free tip is designed to help minimize thrombus adhesion that can be associated with side-hole catheters and to help facilitate blood clot aspiration prior to hemodialysis treatment. The Pristine™ Catheter demonstrated high flow rates at low pressures2 and with its symmetric tip demonstrated low recirculation rates in both forward and reverse3.


a.   BD Libertas™ Wearable Injector is a product in development; some statements are forward looking and are subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties. BD Libertas™ Wearable Injector is a device component intended for drug-device combination products and not subject to FDA 510(k) clearance or separate EU CE mark certification.

b. 2-5 mL or 5-10 mL.

C. 2-10 ml and upto 50a

 1. Design Input Specification for BD Libertas™ Platform [Internal report]. Franklin Lakes, USA: Becton, Dickinson and Company; 2014. Revision: 08

a. 2-5 mL or 5-10 mL.

2.  Tested using 19 cm (n=38); 23 cm (n=40); 28 cm (n=38); 33 cm (n=40) and 55 cm (n=39) tip-to-cuff length Pristine™ Long-Term Hemodialysis Catheters. Flow test performed using glycerin: water solution with a viscosity of 3.2-3.7 cP at 36-38° C. At an arterial maximum pressure of -250 mmHg or less, the maximum flow rates observed were 500 mL/min (19 cm through 33 cm tip-to-cuff lengths) and 379 mL/min (55 cm tip-to-cuff length). In order to show the flow rate at -250 mmHg pressure limit, the linear curve fit for the negative side was used to find the flow rate corresponding to indicated pressure, then the flow rate value was used to estimate the positive venous pressure. Bench data on file. Bench data may not necessarily correlate to clinical performance. Different test methods may yield different results.

 3. Tested using 55 cm tip-to-cuff length Pristine™ Long-Term Hemodialysis Catheters (n=37). Recirculation test performed using 5% saline as blood simulant at a blood flow rate of ~5 liters/minute and catheter flow rate of 350 mL/min. The mean recirculation rates were 2.7% in forward flow and 2.8% in reverse flow. Bench data on file, Becton, Dickinson and Company, Tempe, AZ. Bench data may not necessarily correlate to clinical performance. Different test methods may yield different results.


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Confidentiality, Product Protection and Legal Arrangements

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