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Surgical Solutions & Products

We offer a full portfolio of surgical products

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We aim to increase physician satisfaction and to assist hospitals and surgery centers to improve outcomes and lower costs - with a product portfolio that aligns with the patient's needs.

Infection prevention

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) represent a large and growing problem for our healthcare system. BD is uniquely positioned to help hospitals improve safety and reduce cost through our systematic and targeted approach, which combines clinically proven products, HAI surveillance and continuing education to help clinicians reduce the risk of infection.

Arista AH 478
BioSurgery hemostats and surgical sealants

A unique family of hemostatic solutions and sealants designed to meet your surgical needs. 

BD provides sealants and hemostatic products that assist surgical procedures across a broad range of surgical specialties. Explore our ready to use hemostats which include Arista™ AH Absorbable Hemostatic Particles, and Avitene™ Microfibrillar Collagen Hemostats, and our surgical sealants which include Progel™ Platinum Surgical Sealant and TissuePatchDural™ Sealant film. 

Hernia repair and fixation

BD offers a full portfolio of hernia repair mesh, biologic implants and fixation systems. These offerings complement innovative techniques for a wide range of hernia procedures.

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  1. Please consult package insert for more detailed safety information and instructions for use.