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Arista™ AH Absorbable Hemostat

Absorbable Hemostatic Particles

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Simple. Safe. Effective.

Arista™ AH is a 100% plant based absorbable surgical hemostatic powder derived from purified plant starch. The power of Arista™ AH lies in its Microporous Polysaccharide Hemospheres, a patented blood clotting technology.

Arista™ AH is indicated in surgical procedures (except ophthalmic) as an adjunctive hemostatic device to assist when control of capillary, venous, and arteriolar bleeding by pressure, ligature, and other conventional procedures are ineffective or impractical.

Features and Benefits
  • No mixing and no refrigeration
  • Ready on demand and 5 year shelf life 
  • Pop the cap and apply powder directly to the bleeding site
  • Thrombin free, biocompatible and non-pyrogenic
  • Typically absorbed in 24-48 hours* by amylases

 * Because there have been reports of decreased amylase activity in newborns up to 10 months, absorption rates of Arista™ AH in this population may be longer than 48 hours.

Proprietary MPH™ Technology: A Unique Approach to Achieving Hemostasis

The power of Arista™ AH lies in its proprietary MPH™ (Microporous Polysaccharide Hemospheres) technology. Consisting of microporous particles with a controlled pore size, the spheres are designed to act as a molecular sieve. The powerful osmotic action dehydrates and gels the blood on contact to accelerate the natural clotting process.

  • Clotting process begins on contact, regardless of patient’s coagulation status3
  • Complete Hemostasis is achieved in minutes1
  • Provides broad area coverage on rough surfaces and in hard-to-reach areas

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  1. Arista™ AH PMA P050038 Clinical Study.

  2. See full Instructions for Use for detailed application instructions.

  3. Arista™ AH Instructions for Use.


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  • Please consult product labels and instructions for use for indications, contradictions, hazards, warnings, and precautions.

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